14 Places to Donate Used Furniture

Donating used furniture is a very generous thing to do, and it can be done anytime. Whether you are moving to a new apartment and you do not want to take old furniture, or you are just downsizing or trying to create some space in your current home, why not send that piece of furniture that has given you so much joy to someone else who needs it?

Plus, charitable donations are tax-deductible which means you can subtract the value of the donations you make to recognized charities from your taxes.

We have compiled a list of ways and places you can give your furniture to others who will need it. Let’s dive in!

Salvation Army

An internationally recognized church and charity, Salvation Army is one of the most popular charities around. Committed to helping people without discrimination, they have been able to help over 23 million Americans every year. They run various programs like Veteran Support, Hunger Relief, Homeless Shelters, and more.

Donations to Salvation Army are sold at their thrift stores, the proceeds then go towards their Adult Rehabilitation Centers which helps people fight drug and alcohol addictions, regain health and develop work skills. To donate, visit their website to find the drop-off location closest to you or schedule a free pick-up.

Habitat for Humanity

Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization present in all 50 states of the US, and over 70 other countries around the world. Their mission is to provide affordable housing to all those in need of it, by providing affordable mortgage plans for homeowners that partner with them. They also help renovate and repair houses, raise awareness and support for affordable and decent housing, and address housing needs in communities that experience natural disasters.

Local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity run Habitat for Humanity ReStores around the country. The ReStores are home improvement stores that sell furniture, accessories, and other things at cheaper prices. When you donate gently used furniture to Habitat for Humanity, they are sold at the ReStores and the proceeds fund their work. Call the ReStore nearest to you to discuss drop-offs or free pickups.


Goodwill Industries International is an American nonprofit organization. Founded in Boston 118 years ago, the organization provides training and then employment to all those who might not naturally be able to get jobs due to various reasons. The organization runs stores which recycle and sell donated items.

The proceeds from the stores are used to support charity and pay the salaries of everyone they employ within the community. Goodwill does not accept any items they consider to be non-recyclable or contain hazardous material, so confirm whatever you intend to donate with their donor guidelines.

Furniture Banks

Furniture Banks are individual, nonprofit, charity organizations that help recycle furniture. They do this by accepting donations from people who are ready to part with a piece of furniture, but do not want it ending up in a landfill.

The furniture banks then let families in need, come in to select furniture they would like from the donated items, after working with social service and housing agencies to make sure the furniture goes to those who need it most in the society. This way, they have been able to help more than 100,000 families every year.

Originally starting in the USA, Furniture Banks have now spread all over North America. To donate to a furniture bank, visit furniturebank.org, find the furniture bank closest to you, go through donor guidelines to see what they accept, and then schedule a drop-off or a free pickup.

The Arc

Since 1950, The Arc has provided assistance for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the US. Founded by parents of children with developmental disabilities, The Arc is determined to ensure all people with I/DD can live fulfilling lives within their communities.

To help raise funding to support their goals, some local chapters of The Arc accept in-kind donations such as clothing and furniture. To know if the chapter nearest to you accepts these, visit thearc.org, find your local chapter, and then contact them to schedule a drop-off or free pickup.


The AMVETS or American Veterans was established in 1944. The aim of the organization is to help better the quality of life for veterans and their families. Formed by World War II Veterans, the organization is led by volunteers till today. A recognized nonprofit, it also holds a Federal Charter. With a membership of more than 250,000, the AMVETS help file over 50,000 claims worth about $65 million every year. They also help officers transitioning into citizen life and provide jobs for veterans.

AMVETS run local thrift stores where you can donate used furniture. The furniture is then sold, and the proceeds used to help veterans all over America. Donating to local AMVETS thrift stores also help to keep the stores open, which in turn, provides jobs for people in the community. Visit their website to schedule a free pickup


Shelters are often run by individual charity organizations. These could be homeless shelters or shelters for women suffering from domestic violence. Shelters provide a safe and secure place for these people to reside before they can get back on their feet.

If there are any shelters you know of in your area, chances are they will gladly accept donations of used furniture, provided they are still in good condition. So contact them, and let them know you would like to support their work by donating some furniture.


The freecycle network is a group of nonprofit individuals who prevent waste by giving out items they no longer need instead of sending them to landfills. There are different local freecycle groups where members give to, and receive from one another. Currently, there are over 5,000 local freecycle groups with more than 9 million members. All local groups are moderated by volunteers

To donate furniture on Freecycle, sign up on freecycle.org, find a group in your locality, post whatever you have to donate, and schedule a pickup with someone who shows interest in that item. Make sure to consult the How to Use Freecycle guide too.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Established in 1978 to serve all veterans, particularly because it felt other Veteran Associations failed to address some pressing needs, the VVA is committed to never abandoning any generation of veterans. Their programs include providing help for homeless veterans, helping veterans get healthcare, and addressing issues that female, minority, and disabled veterans face.

The VVA accepts donations of small furniture which is sold to private companies. This generates funding for their work at all levels. You can visit their website to find a drop-off location near you, or schedule a free pickup.

Nextdoor Neighbor

Nextdoor is a social networking service that connects neighbors who live close to each other. This is also a very good way to donate furniture you no longer need to neighbors who might need it.

The service provides a feature that lets you post items you would like to sell. To donate, just mark the item as free, select the neighbors you want to see it, add a description, and post. Neighbors would then be able to contact you about that item. Of course, this method only works if your neighbors also use Nextdoor.

Community Theater

A lot of theater groups or theater departments in local colleges would gladly accept furniture donations. Since they can use this furniture to build various sets for their plays, they might accept even very old furniture. Just contact them to let them know you would love to support by donating some used furniture.

Don’t know how to contact the community theater? There’s probably some information on them on your city’s website.

Buy Nothing

The Buy Nothing Project was designed to bring people within neighborhoods together. How? By letting them give gifts to one another. Buy Nothing groups are usually volunteer-administered Facebook groups. They let neighbors give, receive, and even trade. Apart from being a good way to declutter, they also help develop friendships among neighbors. Why not give to someone you can share the story behind that piece of furniture with? And then, you can be sure they would enjoy it just as much as you have.

Search Facebook to see if there’s a Buy Nothing group in your area.

American Kidney Fund

The American Kidney Fund is the country’s leading kidney nonprofit. They directly involve themselves in fighting kidney diseases on every front. They offer programs that focus on the prevention and early detection of kidney diseases, financial support for patients, and other programs including innovations that help kidney disease patients. With 97% of all donations going straight into these programs, they are one of the top-rated nonprofits in the country.

If you live in Georgia, North Carolina, or Texas, there are some thrift stores who are partnered with, and donate a portion of their profits to the American Kidney Fund. These thrift store will accept donations of small furniture that is still in good condition. Visit kidneyfund.org to find these stores.

Volunteers of America

For 125 years, Volunteers of America have provided help to the most vulnerable in the society. Every year, the help more than 1.5 million people in over 400 communities around America.

Donated items are sold at their thrift stores, and the money is then used to fund their many programs which include providing housing and healthcare. Visit their website to schedule a drop-off or pickup.

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