10 Best Bitcoin Mining Software

Bitcoin has become one of the most bought and exchanged currencies in the world. But can you earn Bitcoin? One of the many ways that you can earn Bitcoin is through mining.

Bitcoin mining is the backbone of the currency. It is done with high-powered computers solving complex computational problems which are used to verify every bitcoin transaction as they happen, usually hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. It is this process that makes the currency and the decentralized network trustworthy.

This verification process takes work, so Bitcoin miners are rewarded with Bitcoin.

If you want to become a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency miner, you will need the right hardware, with enough computational power to do the work, but also the right software that allows you to connect your Bitcoin mining machine to the blockchain network. And, if you do your mining with a pool, you will also need to be able to connect to that pool.

Thankfully, it is no longer a matter of programming something yourself to get involved in the mining game. There are now hundreds of software options available to bridge that gap for you.

We have come up with a list of the ten best Bitcoin mining software options that you can start using today.

Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner offers a complete solution to manage and monitor all your mining operations, no matter how big. It can be scaled up to manage 200,000 ASIC miners and 25,000 GP/CPU miners. Only available for Windows and Linux, there is support for several hundred cryptocurrencies, or it is highly customizable, and you can deploy any other mining software that you wish. There is also great functionality for running your GPU, allowing you to manage fan speed, power consumption, and define actions for different circumstances.


Written in C and compatible with pretty much all operating systems, this software is compatible with FPGA and ASIC mining hardware and uses some of the most popular mining algorithms such as Scrypt and SHA256d. It features great clocking, monitoring and remote access features, but most miners like it because you can mine multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.


This is a GUI-based open source mining software that works on any operating system and is compatible with GPU, FPGA, and ASIC hardware. However, it is geared towards pooled mining, and you are required to join the BitMinter pool in order to use the software. It is part of a strategy to make it easier for all their users to win higher pay outs.


BitMinter is a cloud-based software option that works with FPGA mining hardware and a good internet connection. The software has sophisticated features such as dynamic frequency scaling, so it can automatically select the frequency with the highest hash rate


Available for Window, macOS, and Linux, this a versatile open-source software option written in C. It is an ASIC/FPGA miner that also supports RPi and OpenWrt routers so will suit the needs of most miners. It can great block detection and monitoring functionality, and also nice options for controlling your machine with features such as fan speed and multi GPU support.


Computta is one of the easiest software setups to get running. It is compatible with all operating systems and just takes a few clicks to start mining. After that, the tool is mostly automated, so it is easy for those without a lot of technical skill, or a lot of time. But if you do want to customize, there are lots of options to do so.


Available for Windows only, this is user-friendly software for users that don’t want to spend time playing around and customizing. It is a GUI-based system that supports the getwork and Stratum mining protocols, and can be used for both solo and pooled mining. It is optimized for x86-64 machines and is lightweight, so won’t eat up your CPU and GPU resources.


This is a cloud-based software that enables both mining and trading in one place. This is also a good choice for anyone who likes to dig down into the details as you can view every single transaction that you touch. Start mining instantly, and make withdraws quickly and simply.


This is a great application if you want to mine for coin when you aren’t using your computer as it works when you PC is idle. It allows you to mine with your CPU and GPU without a lot of additional hardware, and it starts and runs in the background when you boot your PC.


If you are reluctant to invest in significant hardware, this software lets you mine with just CPU or GPU, making it more accessible. There is also a good user interface and customer support which can give a lot of aid to new users. There are nice statistics that can point you towards the most profitable coin to mine in the moment.


This software is compatible with all operating systems and is particularly useful for switching individual devices between different cryptocurrencies (hence the name Multiminer). It is also easy to set up as it can detect mining hardware automatically, and then has a nice interface for matching your selected currency to mine with your hardware. It is designed to be simple enough for new miners but sophisticated and adaptable enough for power users.

The Verdict

Bitcoin mining has never been more accessible thanks to the release of a plethora of different software options to facilitate the process. Whether you are a new miner or an experienced Bitcoin generator looking to up your game, you will probably find a good mining software option on our list.

But remember, Bitcoin mining is not a get rich quick scheme. It can take 1,200 days of mining to earn just one Bitcoin.

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