Top 9 Free & Fresh WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders

WordPress is one of the leading website software options for many reasons, but one of them is undeniably the ease of use. Even someone with no coding experience can easily create a great looking website. When using a drag and drop page builder with WordPress, the ease of use is multiplied. Plugins that give users the ability to organize content with a simple drag and drop interface make designing beautiful and functional websites a breeze. Here are 9 of the best free drag and drop page builder plugins:

1) Page Builder by SiteOrigin


This plugin makes use of the widget interface most WordPress users are already very familiar with. It works with any widgets, but the plugin also comes with a bundle of useful widgets to use. The drag and drop page builder works with any theme and changing themes won’t mess everything up. Site Origin also has a selection of free themes that work well with Page Builder. With over 1 million active installs and a near-perfect star rating, it’s easy to see why this drag and drop page builder is at the top of this list. This plugin is always free, with no need to pay for certain features.

2) Beaver Page Builder



Beaver Builder’s tagline is “WordPress sites in minutes, not months!” This statement isn’t hyperbole. This drag and drop page builder can lead to a great looking website really quickly, even for a total beginner. This plugin will work with most themes, and all the layouts are mobile responsive. Perhaps one of the best features of this plugin is the friendly and active “colony” of Beaver Builders, a group of users of this plugin who are eager to help. Beaver Builder’s lite version is free and offers plenty of features, but some features are only available in the paid pro version.

3) Pootle Page Builder



Pootle is relatively new, but it’s got a lot of promise. The drag and drop page builder offers quite a bit of flexibility and customization options. The ability to add custom background images or videos (including Parallax) is one feature that makes Pootle stand out. The plugin claims to make designing WordPress sites fun, and this fun attitude is shown in the logo and tagline. The tagline reads “taming WordPress” but before WordPress, the word monsters is crossed out. This along with the logo of a smiling big monster holding hands with a little kid in a tiger costume really captures that fun attitude that infuses this plugin. The free version offers plenty, but there is also a paid pro version with some additional features.

4) Forge Front End Page Builder


Forge is another relatively new but promising drag and drop page builder plugin. What makes Forge stand out is that all the work is done on the front end of the website. When you’re working right on the front end of your website and can see changes made in real time, it’s easy to see instantly if you like the look. All layouts are responsive, and Forge works with the majority of WordPress themes. A nice feature is the import/export tool, which lets you migrate content between pages and even websites. There is a pro version with some additional features as well.

5) Live Composer


Live Composer is an open source plugin that is regularly updated by its team of devoted developers. This plugin is another one where you do all the work on the front end of your website. This plugin only comes in the free version, so there’s no upsell to access the best features. Even though it’s free, the plugin still comes with free one-to-one email support. The plugin is easy to use even for beginners, but the bonus of free personalized support is a great safety net for anyone worried about potential difficulty.

6) Wishpond Landing Pages Builder


Wishpond’s addition to the drag and drop page builder space is relatively new and is so far not nearly as highly ranked as other page builder plugins, but they do offer some unique features that make them worth considering. This plugin is specifically designed to create landing pages primarily for lead generation purposes. If you’re looking for a drag and drop page builder specifically to create a landing page and/or a form to gather email addresses or other information, this plugin is worth a look. This plugin is free, but only until you hit 200 leads, after which there is a monthly fee for continued use.

7) WooRockets Page Builder


This page builder by offers easy to use drag and drop functionality. For the code savvy user, the entire source code for this plugin is available on GitHub, which might make this plugin stand out for some. This plugin will work with most themes, but it might work best for WooCommerce themes like WooRocket’s new Nitro.

8) Unyson


With a steadily growing number of active users and a strong star rating, ThemeFuse’s Unyson is a strong contender in the drag and drop page builder category. Its many built-in extensions are what really makes this plugin stand out. Without the need for additional plugins, there is a calendar feature, excellent SEO functionality, and more.

9) King Composer


King Composer is a free back-end drag and drop page builder, with a front-end editor and additional features available in the paid pro version. This plugin has numerous tutorial articles and videos, making the plugin even easier to use than it already is. This plugin is pretty new to the scene, but so far the reviews are very positive.

With any of these options, you can quickly and easily design a beautiful WordPress site. While all of these plugins offer easy to use drag and drop functionality, some of them have unique features that may be more suited to certain websites. No matter which plugin you use, though, it’s very likely that once you experience the ease of use of a drag and drop design system, you’ll never want to go back. When you see how great your site looks and how well it functions, you’ll be a devoted drag and drop user for life.

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