6 Websites to Find a Co-Founder for Your Next Start-up Idea

Starting up a company can be hectic and often cumbersome. However you might be compelled to solely launch that profitable idea so that you may in total control of the company. This mentality nonetheless would be the reason that you do transform that genius idea into that profitable company. For many reasons that makes it a necessity for you have that co-founder that will assist you transform that idea into a company with his or her experience and knowledge. Some other seasons such as; sharing of the work load, stress distribution, splitting of the expenses and sharing of risks are just a few of the overwhelming aspects of starting up a company that cannot be handled by a solo individual. Starting up a profit making company is a complex issue that requires proper planning and strategy, so that an inventor for instance might not know the business aspect that would enable him or her profit from their product. A co-founder with a business set of skills that would be a viable consideration in assisting in the marketing of that invention. This therefore integrates the diverse skill sets to come up with the ultimate gain. Even decision making is a challenge if your doing it alone. Having someone with a shared understanding enables you to argue out you options to acquire a rather perfect solution that would not be achieved by a solo decision making individual whose judgement might be clouded. It is therefore due to these reasons that the following six websites would be viable in assisting you find the perfect co-founder that will transform that idea of yours into a profit making company.

Co-Founders Lab

cofounderslabJust as the name describes, this website is directly and solely involved in connecting founders with appropriate co-founders of choice. Looking at the website its layout is quite efficient in performing this task. The website exhibits profiles of different founders from different fields, their types of industries and the field from which they’d require there co-founder should be specialized in. It also has a search option in case your options are not on the shown pages. It also has a tab that shows the recent matches between founders and co-founders, which shows that the website actually has meritable progress.


founder2beAnother founder co-founder link up website with yet a different approach towards its initiative. This websites is designed to stretch to a wider range of potential founders due to its social media links such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The website’s layout exhibits different links depending on where a potential founder would like to start up from, which range to co-founder’s skill set to financial capability, depending on what the founder might be in lack of. It also has signing up options, as well as a wide media liking as exhibited on its first up page.

Founder Dating

founderdating“We make it easier to find co-founders and advisers” those are the first words placed on the websites layout. A description of what the website has to offer for searching founders. Unlike the two preceding websites offers link ups not only to co-founders but also entrepreneurs and advisers, which are categories that have online links posted on the website. This website is however also efficient due to co-founder profiles that shows details of potential co-founders and their recent achievements in there respective fields.

Founders Nation

foundersnationThis websites is more of a active profiling website similar to the first. Here founders post there founding ideas in more detailed manner. Here interested co-founders contact the founders to match up to build up on the ideas.


Code Army

codearmyThis website describes the code army as an online start up accelerator helping people from technical grounds. It is quite vast, the website itself given that unlike the other websites the code army takes up the burden of choosing the co-founder for the founder. In its self description it lays out that the founder pitches the idea they code army picks a match and from their the idea is built on. The website has a wide social media connection which ranges from twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Startup Matcher

startupmatcherThis website is more inclined towards entrepreneurship as would be observed by the entrepreneur liking advertising on the websites layout, for example “loved by 1500 entrepreneurs. However the website is quite developed since it has an app, something those other websites don’t. It describes itself to be sent for job-seekers, investors and startups, all these could be manipulated by a founder to pull a suitable co-founder. It is all about utilizing of available resources.

Seeing all these potential co-founder source sites it is evident that a co-founder for the startup company that you have an idea of is probably the reason why you haven’t launched that idea yet into that dream company. These websites are also evidence that co-founders are efficient for transformation of ideas as the beneficiaries of these websites would attest to.

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