Get your business noticed by using free stock images. Startups must create engaging content that clearly communicates their messages. In the past, the high price of stock images meant start-ups either had to create their pictures or choose to create dull content. Now, you can download many high-quality stock images for free. You will find

Almost everything we do, requires good planning and execution if it has to be performed as we expect. This therefore may be seen as a project. A project therefore, is a set of interrelated tasks with a plan to be performed over a set period of time and within certain limitations such as costs and

Customers of GoDaddy who live outside the United States now can secure their accounts by enabling two-step authentication. Two-step authentication is an SMS verification method which means that when you enter your login credentials on Godaddy login page, you will be sent a code via SMS and asked to enter the code at the login

One method to attract visitors, potential customers, and increase brand recognition, is to have a contest on your own website. Contests gives another reason to click the link to your website, for the thrill of winning something. After trying their luck, they may learn more about your business, and spread the word to their friends

Managed WordPress hosting refers to a type of website hosting done by companies that deal only with WordPress-powered websites. These companies will provide automatic upgrades to the latest versions of WordPress, theme and plugins and some of the providers also share WordPress themes and plugins exclusive to their customers. Most crucial services, however, are the

When creating your own website, it’s important to know about all the different hosting options at your disposal, in order to get the best provider at the best price. The following is an in-depth guide to what shared hosting is and why it’s so important to get reliable hosting, while also taking a look at

We love WordPress. This is why we built a coupon site with WordPress and never thought of deleting the WordPress link on footer. Among the reasons why we always prefer WordPress for our content sites is SEO. As you know, content needs SEO and SEO needs content, and WordPress content management system provides the best

If you check your browser navbar right now, you will recognize that you’re connection to is secured with HTTPS/SSL encryption. Actually, we didn’t have to activate SSL for because we don’t require any membership or payment info from you to reveal the coupon codes listed here. As you already know everything here is accessible to

Your website’s page speed matters. In the age of speed and instantaneous world wide communication, both your website visitors and Google care your website’s speed. So, in order to improve your rankings on Google search results, you need to add site speed to your on-page SEO check-list. With the help of Google PageSpeed Insights, you

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