7 Web Page Speed Tools to Optimize Your Website for a Better User Experience

The speed of your website is going to be critical to the overall success of your site. Customers do not want to have to wait for pages and graphics to load today. There is so much competition out there today for every customer that when someone comes upon a site that is slow to load and operate they quickly become frustrated and will move on to another site offering similar products and services, likely never to return to your site again due to bad user experience. Quality speed is going to help you create greater web traffic, have stronger conversion rates and customer retention and provide users with a greater experience. All of this will help enhance the overall SEO of your site, giving you better rankings with search engines and boosting your visibility even more. To find out what the speed of your site is like, you should make use of one of these top seven free website speed test tools, listed in no particular order:

Google Webpage Speed Insights
Google webpage Speed Insights provides you with easy to read and understand information about your site so you can see where your optimization excels and where it needs help. You get a simple grade on a scale of 1 to 100 with the higher the number the better your score. The tools provide you with recommendations on where you can improve and what you can do to help your site.


gtmetrixGTMetrix GTMetrix offers you all the details you want regarding site speed and the loading ability of your pages. Your site gets graded on a scale of A to F and there are great breakdowns of details that allow you to check how locations load in different browsers, with different connection types and many more details so you can see just where you may need some help.



webpagetestWebPageTest.orgYou can get great capability with WebPageTest. It allows you to test over 40 locations and with over 25 different browsers, including mobile browsers, an aspect that is very important to you today in this mobile search world. There are some advanced features you will like and you can get complete breakdowns and graphs so you can see all of the details clearly.



pingdomPingdom One of the best-known among the speed test tools, Pingdom gives detailed analysis in several areas of your site so you can get information that other tools may not provide you, such as size per domain, what content has the most requests and much more.



dareboostDareBoost DareBoost is one of the newer tools you will find and it provides you with over one hundred different points of analysis when looking at the speed of your site. You can then export your report to a PDF file and the report provides you with analysis and recommendations of speed, SEO, accessibility and more.



sucuriSucuri Load Time Tester An easy and quick testing tool, Sucuri lets you test your locations from around the world in a flash. You get your performance grade and load time and the time for the all-important first byte so you can see how long it takes content to get from your site to the browser.



pagelocityPagelocity Pagelocity grades your site on a combination of speed, SEO, code, resources and more so you can see what is working well for your site and what needs help. You can also track your competitors with the tool so you can see where you need to improve and against whom.



Making use of a website speed tool is very important for you and your website. You want to be able to gauge your overall performance so you can see where you may need to make improvements and changes to make the site experience better for users and potential customers. Regular testing can help you to stay ahead of the competition. Find the tool has the features and reporting to help you the most so you can see what areas to fix so your site can continue to grow.

16 Places to Find Recently Expired Domain Names

expired-domainsAn expired domain is a domain name which was not renewed by its registrar. Once a domain expires, it becomes available for registration again. The owner is left with an option to renew or sell, if not acted upon it expires and goes up for new registration. For some people, these domains have little value but to those who know about SEO, expired domains have value over newly registered domains. Because some of expired domains may have backlinks from high authority websites and even they may have content that you can scrape from Google and Archive.org caches. As result, you can revive a website simply by paying $10.

Purchasing an expired domain is not as easy as registering for a new one. You can acquire an expired domain by browsing through certain websites which aggregates domains which are about to expire or up for auction.

Below is a list of reliable websites where you can find and buy expired domains.

1) Godaddy (Godaddy Auctions)

This is the most prominent website when it comes to finding the right domain for you. Godaddy is a trusted domain provider because they have the world’s largest registrar. To date, GoDaddy has more than 13 million customers around the world and the count goes on. Before you register a domain name at Godaddy, make sure you visit our Godaddy promo codes page.

2) DomCop

DomCop provides a hassle-free expired domain search. If you want to save time looking for and/or buying cheap domains that are about to expire, already expired or deleted complete with great metrics, DomCop is the right place. It process around 10 million expiring domain names each month.

3) Dropping

Dropping.com classifies domain buyers: domain investors, SEO/SEM experts or website owner. This site finds expiring, auctioning and available domain names that have value to domain investors, web site owners and SEO/SEM marketers.

4) Expireddomains

This website provides free service on information about expired domains and their relevant SEO data. You can just simply look through thousands of expired domain names that are dropped everyday and you can pick what you like. The best thing about this service is you don’t need to sign-up or register for the site to be able to use its services.

5) Name

Highly reputed website that offers expired domains search. This site has a simple easy to use feel to it, all you have to do is register and then you can buy a domain easily with its easy checkout process. Domains can be bought for as low as $10.99.

6) NameJet

Whether you are seeking for domain names for development or investment, NameJet provides a wide selection of top desired expired domain names. NameJet has access to expired .org, .biz, .com, .net, and .info top-level domains.

7) FreshDrop

This site provides easy search filters and search options like TLDS (.com, .ch, .es, .org, .br), by category, page rank or domain age. Easy to use, you simply specify what you are looking for then you are provided with a list of domains matching your search filter.

8) Moonsy

Whether you’re a web logger or a site owner, experienced and inexperienced alike, Moonsy.com has the best offer for everyone–non-biased service. It offers an intensive list of expired domains with Page rank details, domain age, traffic, etc. It also offers great website components, and it’s free!

9) Valuedrops

Valudrops.com is a website that identifies the most valuable domains that are about to expire. Every day, 60,000+ domains are being dropped without anyone noticing it. This site uses a comprehensive algorithm to go through a huge list of domains; identifying domains that have high quality.

10) Dynadot

Want to buy and sell domains with ease? Dynadot is right for you. This site has auctions on expired domain names.

11) Namepal

Namepal is a domains auction that lists expired domains for sale. The domains can be bought at a low cost starting from $10-above. It provides maximum features and helps you save big over other registrars.

12) Stuck Domains

More of an expired domains search engine, this website provides free access to search for expired domains with its simple search tool where you can specify parameters.

13) NamePros

NamePros.com is a discussion forum for buying and selling of domain names (including expired domains for as low as $3).

14) Network Solutions

This site provides a list of domains that are about to expire, or already expired.

15) 1Expired

1expired.com lets you search and monitor expiring domains. It’s easy to use, fast and convenient. Member benefits include: real-time updates of expired or soon-to-expire domains, check for Alexa ranking, search and monitor expired domains.

16) DropCatch

Thousands of expiring domain names becomes available every day. If you want to acquire great domain names, DropCatch is what you’re looking for.

9 A/B Testing Tools Every Conversion Rate Optimizer Must Try

Fans of the award-winning cable television series Mad Men will certainly remember episodes when advertising executive Don Draper held focus groups to gauge the effectiveness of branding campaigns and solicit ideas from audiences who would be targeted with radio spots, TV commercials or magazine ads. During these focus group meetings, participants were often shown two distinct campaigns for the same product or service; the goal was to gauge their reaction to the ads.

Don Draper would also sometimes call on a marketing research expert to help him with the focus groups and gain valuable insight for the purpose of optimizing his campaigns and improving conversion rates for his clients. In other words, Don Draper was conducting A/B testing with focus groups as his platform.

These days, online marketers do not have to hold focus groups for the purpose of conducting A/B testing. The logistics are now provided through the eight online tools below, which can easily guide business owners and marketers through the A/B testing process so that they can improve their conversion rates through online campaigns and landing pages.

1 – Visual Website Optimizer

visual-website-optimizerThe most attractive feature of this Internet A/B testing tool is the highly visual user interface, which enables the creation of multiple web pages on the fly. Visual Website Optimizer works as a platform that makes it easy for users to upload web pages and make changes such as replacing headlines, moving buttons, adding paragraphs, switching fonts, etc. VWO provides a dashboard for users to review and compare results.

2 – Omniconvert

The growth marketing platform that empowers websites to do real-time personalization based on >40 data points, being used by more than 20k websites around the world. The company provides the platform to run in-depth customer satisfaction surveys, to persuade and personalize the visitors of any website in order to convert the traffic into sales and improve the UX.

3 – Unbounce 

unbounceWhat makes this A/B testing and online marketing tool unique is that it allows users to start from the very beginning. Unbounce provides a landing page maker complete with templates that have been designed specifically to encourage signing up, clicking through a shopping cart area, downloading an e-book, etc. From the Unbounce website, users can publish their multivariate creations and connect them to popular tools such as MailChimp and Salesforce.

4 – Optimizely

optimizelyA/B testing, adjusting, optimizing, tracking, and analytics are the main features of Optimizely, a platform that provides many valuable hints to users as they create their campaigns. Some of these hints prompt users to apply strategies such as audience discovery and behavioral marketing for the purpose of maximizing traffic and optimizing conversions.

5 – Maxymiser

maxymiserBusiness owners or brand developers looking for an A/B testing solution that is both powerful and sophisticated should note that Maxymiser is a tool powered by Oracle, and that it is rated very highly among online marketing professionals. The level of personalization and multivariate options is pretty high, and the case studies from clients such as Alaska Airlines, Lacoste and Carphone Warehouse are very impressive.

6 – Kameleoon 

kameleoonThe strength of Kameleoon, an esteemed European A/B testing platform that is available in various languages, is its attractive and easy-to-use interface. This data-driven online tool will be particularly appealing to marketers who enjoy digging into the metrics and analytics of A/B testing. The data architecture behind Kameleoon is very dynamic and applies advanced algorithms to ensure the maximum rates of conversion. Kameleoon is available in English, French, German, and Polish.

7 – Convert 

convertThis marketing tool is interesting insofar as its ability to show users how it works by simply entering a valid URL and reviewing the feedback. Convert is a visual creation tool that applies the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) concept of desktop publishing to A/B testing and advanced Internet marketing analytics. One of the highlights of Convert is that its testing mode goes beyond A/B; split-testing and e-commerce scenarios are also possible through the placement of a small piece of JavaScript code, which can be installed in a major content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.

8 – Adobe Target

adobe-targetThe prestige of the Adobe brand should be enough to convince online marketers to use Marketing Cloud, but there is a lot more to this A/B testing tool. With Adobe Target, the focus is on creation, automation and personalization. Among the many features of this online tool, business owners will likely appreciate the return on investment (ROI) calculator, which allows the creation of different scenarios that go beyond estimating conversion rates; this calculator allows users to get realistic ideas about how optimization can boost their bottom line.

9 – Change Again

changeagainA/B testing made easy: Change Again is a simple, yet very powerful, online marketing tool that features a very simple interface to set up campaigns. Users get to test, analyze and optimize their multivariate creations without restrictions, and the ability to apply different strategies can be tested in an online “idea lab” that is filled with hints and suggested techniques to optimize conversion rates. Change Again offers a free trial and different levels of billing.

By the way, if you are looking for some free stock photos that you can use while testing different web page variant, be sure to check our free stock photo sources list.

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Featured image source: Wordstream

12 Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Get your business noticed by using free stock images. Startups must create engaging content that clearly communicates their messages. In the past, the high price of stock images meant start-ups either had to create their pictures or choose to create dull content. Now, you can download many high-quality stock images for free.

You will find ways to use images to create excitement on your websites, social media presences, multimedia presentations, reports and other materials. When you discover what you can get for free, you might wonder why you ever tried to create business content without images. The following 12 websites for free stock photos will get you started.

1. Stock Up


Stock up lets you search 26 high-quality sources for free images from a single search page. The website lists all participating sites, so you know the possible sources for your images. The simple form-based real-time search lets you enter keywords and watch results appear as you type. Click the images you like, read their licensing terms and then download them to your computer.

2. Pixabay


Pixabay hosts more than 470,000 free pictures, including vectors, art, and photos. You can use the stock content you download from Pixabay for online commercial use without worrying about attribution, copyright or other issues. To use the site, enter your search terms and browse for images that meet your needs.

3. Unsplash


Every ten days, this web site makes ten new photos available, so you always have reasons to return to it. You can join the website either by logging in with your Facebook credentials or by creating a new account. If you want, you can have the new images sent to your email address when they become available.

4. Little Visuals


Little Visuals has free images to download and a way to sign up to get seven free photos every week. Unfortunately, the founder of the website died, and the site does not seem to receive periodic updates.

5. New Old Stock


New Old Stock provides vintage photos from public sources so that you can have them free of any known restrictions. The unusual images you at New Old Stock create a blast from the past that your audience will love.

6. Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos you can download free images from Startup Stock Photos that have business overtones. The founders of the site were taking photos as part of their routine, and they decided to share their work with the world.

7. Refe


Free real life photos at Refe give you a chance to include practical, relevant images in your material. The site lets you browse pictures, but it doesn’t offer a search function.

8. Pexels


Pexels has a searchable repository of free stock images. The site adds ten high-quality images every day, so you always have new choices when you visit. The Creative Commons Zero License (CC0) applies, so you can download the photos for free, as long as you use them in a legal context.


9. Gratisography


Free images for personal and commercial use at Gratisography come sorted by topic in a browsable format. You can choose from subjects such as animals, nature, urban, whimsical and more. If you like the site, you can buy the owner coffee, but otherwise, you can download the images for free.

10.  Move East


A man from Portugal decided to make his images available for free under the Creative Commons Zero License (CC0), so you can benefit from his photographic skills and generosity.

11. The Travel Coffee Book


The Travel Coffee Book website shares travel moments with the online public. You can download free images from around the world for business use.

12. Barn Images


Sorted by 17 topics and even more tags, hundreds of free downloadable images at the Barn Images website give you a chance to add a unique flavor to your creative work. You can also sign up for their free mailing list to get fifty images via email.

We created this list of these twelve sources for free, high-quality photos, so your startup or existing business can save money without sacrificing flare. With a few mouse clicks and a little creativity, you can make attention-grabbing online content that will fuel your success. You can also find coupons for popular paid stock photo websites such as iStock, if you cannot find what you need on the list above.

7 Best Freemium Project Management Tools SMBs and Startups Can Use Without Paying A Dime

Almost everything we do, requires good planning and execution if it has to be performed as we expect. This therefore may be seen as a project. A project therefore, is a set of interrelated tasks with a plan to be performed over a set period of time and within certain limitations such as costs and other resources. For any project be it, simple or complex, the people in charge of the day-to-day running of the projects at SMBs and startups, will require some project management tools to make their projects a success. Project management tools is a software or other applications that help project managers and organization at large to quickly and effectively set up and mange various projects.

There are many freemium online project management tools which project managers, who work at SMBs and startups, should take advantage for to aid in their daily running of projects. A freemium tool is an application which is provided for free but charges are made for their proprietary features, virtual goods or functionality. So if you are a project manager at an SMB or startup with a small team, you can use the online project management tools listed below for free as long as you don’t exceed the given limitations.

1. Taiga

Taiga is a powerful, customizable, open source and free project management platform for beginners, active developers and designers who want a simple to work with development tool, that make their work look extremely decent. Taiga is a fast, beautiful to look at and intuitive thus making it suitable and simple to use for most project managers. Taiga project management tool is free for public projects but for those who want to customize their work, they offer the best pricing plan whereby all private projects regardless of number of projects or users, the tool is free during their beta period and thereafter a payment of $3-$40 per month depending on the number of projects.

2. Podio

This management tool helps organize and connect anything you work with to easily manage your projects, employees, customers etc.
Podio customizes everything for easier workflow since it has the ability to pick and choose the required features. Podio has a pricing plan depending on the features which can be upgraded. They include:

• Basic management tool with basic applications and unlimited invites goes for $9 per month.
• Plus which is most popular with unlimited invites goes for $14 per month per user.
• Premium with unlimited invites, training sessions and priority support goes for $24 per month for every user.

3. Asana


Asana helps achieve great results since teams can perform work throughout from start to finish. Asana tools have built in tasks, projects, dashboards, conversations, dates and time and so on. This management tool is highly integrated for easier workflow. Joining is free and teams up to 15 with unlimited projects can use it for free though upgrading to premium, comes at a cost of $84 per month working with 15 member teams.

4. Trello


It is a flexible, visual and free management tool which will organize anything or anyone in a project. It contains a kanban board with lists filled with cards which can be used by a team or individual. The cards have everything needed to get things such like posting comments, uploading files, adding checklist and much more done. Trello is well synchronized across all devices with intuitive web and mobile applications. Signing up for Trello is free but for trello business class with secure, central platform and collaborative communication comes for $8.33 only for every user per month and if paid annually.

5. Wrike


This project management tool integrates project management with real-time work space for real-time discussions, collaborations and document sharing. The pricing policy for wrike is as follows:
• For small teams of 5 users who need basic task management applications, wrike is free.
• For professional teams who need a good project planning and collaboration, 5 users pay $49 / month and 15 users $99/month while paid annually.
• Enterprise who need customization, reporting and advanced security are given a free trial after which they pay for services. This plan can be used by thousands of users.

6. Basecamp


Basecamp creates a collaborative page where different people work towards achieving a common goal regardless of their roles. Basecamp is dynamic with the web, Android and iPhone applications. Their pricing plan includes a 60 day trial offer after which they charge according to the number of projects. They also offer an annual package for $3000 unlimited projects, 500GB space and priority support.

7. Projectplace


It is a project management software which provides a powerful collaboration tool which are simple, scalable and secure. Projectplace management software combines Kaban boards and Gantt charts so as to execute projects on time and also manage teams, tasks and deadlines.
Projectplace begins with a free trial after which you have to choose the plan which best suits your needs. For small to medium teams, payments are $29 per month for every user, and for large organization and enterprises who need customization, one has to call their office to know the pricing plan they have for them.

No doubt that online project management tools give a great deal to those project managers who want to maintain a workflow throughout the project life cycle. We hope this listicle help you find the right online project management tool with a freemium plan and minimize your tool expenses.

5 Tools to Run Giveaway & Sweeptakes Contests on Your Wesbite

homer-simpson-yayOne method to attract visitors, potential customers, and increase brand recognition, is to have a contest on your own website. Contests gives another reason to click the link to your website, for the thrill of winning something. After trying their luck, they may learn more about your business, and spread the word to their friends and family about your product or service. This potential growth in business doesn’t end there, as the contestants will feel compelled to visit your website again and again, because of the chance of something new and different is always being offered via contests. This loyalty can go a long way, and word about your business will spread amongst their peers. A person may log into Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks and tell their companions about the contest they applied, who offered it, and share what they won, thereby increasing the visibility of your brand. There are 6 contest tools, each with their own different use, with their own pricing plans and we listed them below:

1. ShortStack

shortstackThis tool can target customers from almost anywhere like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also have it embedded on your own website or blog. Let ShortStack handle contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways to increase traffic to your business, and learn about your what your customers want with polls and surveys. Try this tool for free, or pay as low as $23 a month for their paid services which provides other benefits. The Full Stack plan costs $99 per month, and has 100,000 leads/entries, and another feature like Advanced Campaign Analytics. The $499 per month plan is called “All You Can Eat” has 500,000 leads, 1,000,000 Facebook leads, and a dedicated account manager for your contest. Visit ShortStack.

2. Rafflecopter

rafflecopterAnother tool that you can try for free, without the need of credit card information. This tool makes having contest easier for those who don’t know a lick of computer coding, and takes a few clicks to install. Big companies like Hallmark, Uber, Intel, and other Fortune 500 companies have used Rafflecopter for giveaways. No long term commitment is required to use this contest tool. Their lowest costing plan is called Basic and that will cost $13 a month, and comes with other features like Pinterest entries, polls, and surveys. Premium plan costs %84 a month, and the list of features grows, as well as live chat support to resolve any issue that might arise. Visit Rafflecopter.

3. WooBox

wooboxWooBox boasts of having 3 million brands using their service for promotion. Combine the features of embedding Youtube clips on your website, sweepstakes, rewards, quizzes, photo contests, and other features to create promote loyalty within your customers. This is also another app you can try for free, and the lowest plan with more features for the app starts at $29. The bigger the plan, the bigger the fan allowance. The $249 plan provides a fan allowance of over 100,000. All plans use the fan allowance for all their apps previously mentioned, including coupons, brackets, instant win, and so on. Visit WooBox.

4. Contest Domination

contest-domination-logoCloud hosted tool that can reuse and modify campaigns with a few clicks, this is another tool available to you. Grow your business revenues by viral leads using this tool. Facebook, and Youtube are examples of who uses this tool to help drive their business. This tool can be tried for free, or you can sign up for their unlimited monthly plan starting at $40 a month. They also offer a plan where each individual contest can cost $100. Visit Contest Domination.

5. ViralSweep

viralsweep-logoIntegrate this app into emails, Facebok, or even your website and collect information you can use to spread your brand recognition. Their customers like Bookbyte, Reverb, web4retail, and TNW give their happy approval of this tool. Sign up and try for free to start your giveaways in just minutes. Their starting price is $49 a month for beginners, but if you’re a giant agency then go for the $400 plan that offers more features. Visit ViralSweep.

If you decide to run a contest on your website and give one of these contest tools a try don’t hesitate to share your reviews with us by leaving a comment below. We weekly share articles for startuppers and webmasters, be sure to subscribe to our feed not to miss our weekly digest.

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