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About Turnkey Internet

Founded in 1999 to cater to the ever-growing consulting services to Internet Service Providers, the company was focused on the customer and his satisfaction.  As the internet and its application grew, the services of Turnkey Internet was soon found to be the industry standard.  Since then the company has focused on the medium and small-scale industries and their requirements when it came to the uses of the internet.  The adaptation of new technologies has only increased the relevance of companies like Turnkey Internet to achieve the growth goals and targets of various firms.

The primary products of Turnkey Internet are the Cloud Servers that serve to cater to the medium enterprises.  There is also a provision for dedicated servers that ensure 24×7 connectivity.  Collocation is a new area that the firm is focusing on and would see more abilities being added on in the future.  The firm does deal with the most popular of web hosting protocols and have been seen to be a reliable vendor for most clients. In addition to a number of turnkey services, Turnkey Internet does provide a number of dedicated services as well.