Our mission as DomainPromo.com is to find the best online deals to run or start your online business. As a dedication to our mission, we will also create and give away free WordPress themes every month, so that you don’t have to pay extra dollars for quality WordPress themes to start your personal blog or online magazine.

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Enjoy our free WordPress themes!

1) DP-01 WordPress Theme

DP-01 is the name of our first theme. We will probably be continuing with the same naming convention and name our next theme as DP-02 🙂 This is a two column WordPress theme with customizable color scheme and listing style. You can either show your content in grid or list style. Additionally you can show content from specific categories in different listing styles too. DP-01 theme is responsive and fits in different screen resolutions. It has a stylish, animated search box and widgetized footer, too. We also added share buttons from various social networks, so that your visitors can easily share your content. In order to reduce bounce rate of your website, we added a custom related posts widget after post content. As it is seen from the screenshot on the left, the theme has a slider that loads very quickly, which means that user experience won’t be affected badly.


2) DP-02 WordPress Theme

As promised earlier, today we are releasing the second of DP theme series, named DP-02. In this new theme we kept thing extra simpler and lightweight again. As you will already notice in the demo, this theme is exra minimalist and focuses mainly on content. You can use this theme as a personal blog theme or a magazine (technology, fashion, sports etc) theme. It has a built-in slider and nicely placed social media buttons, along with widgets that will make your WordPress website nicer. Please feel free to download this free theme and stay connected for our next free WordPress theme!