WordPress Fix: Admin bar showing up even when logged out (cache issue)

A week ago, when I shared a post from my other website, summary.org, my friends told me that my profile photo looks on the WordPress admin bar, and also comment section appears as I am logged in. I was surprised and thought that my caching plugin, W3 Total Cache, might have cached the website when I’m logged in.

This happened because when I clear the cache, I am the first person to visit my *uncached* pages, and since I am already logged in, the cache plugin takes the snapshot of the website along with the admin bar.

So I revised the options on W3 Total Cache and noticed that I didn’t check the option which says “Don’t cache pages for logged in users” given under Page Cache tab.

After checking it and removing my caches, the issue was resolved.

If you’re using a different WordPress cache plugin, make sure if it has a similar feature to fix the issue.

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