Robert De Niro's Net Worth and The Actor's Best Quotes

With no introduction at all, I introduce to you Robert De Niro--one of the most esteemed actors in the world. If there are some of you who are not familiar with the name, then you may have literally been living under a rock. No judgment from here, however, as you're lucky enough to binge-watch some of your future De Niro-starred favorites.

Robert De Niro's Short Bio

Robert De Niro, born on the 17th of August, 1943, in Greenwich Village, New York City, is an American actor widely renowned for his work on the big screen. For that, he received tons and tons of awards particularly two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, AFI Life Achievement Award, the Cecil B Demille Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a handful of BAFTA Awards nominations. That's how much influence De Niro had, and still has, in the world today.

Before there were Raging Bull and Goodfellas, De Niro first acted for a school play in The Wizard of Oz where he played Cowardly Lion. Sure enough, playing the role must've sparked something inside of the legend, paving the way to his future career.

1963 was the year De Niro took a big leap in his career, bagging a small role in the movie, The Wedding Party. Technically, though, he did his movie debut for a French film named Three Rooms in Manhattan. In 1968, he received his first lead for Greetings --marking the first of many in the future.

10 years after 1963, however, could be argued to be De Niro's best year in showbiz. With Mean Streets and Bang The Drum Slowly released in theatres, his performance piqued the interest of audiences.

Decade in and decade out, De Niro has been the star audiences have been waiting for. With projects such as Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver with Martin Scorsese, The Godfather: Part II, and more have been welcomed to the list of legendary films--all of them starring De Niro.

The 2010s aren't as scarce for the old actor with projects such as The Irishman and American Hustle amongst many more.

You could say that De Niro has worked alongside the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Morgan Freeman, Zac Efron, etc. But you could also argue that this list of actors have been blessed to have worked alongside De Niro instead.

Robert De Niro's Net Worth

Robert De Niro's Net Worth
Robert De Niro's Net Worth
NameRobert Anthony De Niro
Net Worth$500 million
Date of BirthAugust 17, 1943
OriginGreenwich Village, New York, United States
Income SourceProfessional Actor

Oozing with talent and class, De Niro's words on and off the screen have undoubtedly moved people. Regardless of what he says, it always seems to stem out of the professionalism he's experienced through the years. You know what they say: with age comes wisdom--or something like that. Either way, his long, distinguished career has yet to come to an end--and we're all thankful for that blessing.

Here are some of his best quotes throughout his life!

Top 5 Robert De Niro Quotes

Top 5 Robert De Niro Quotes
Top 5 Robert De Niro Quotes
  1. "Time goes on. So whatever you're going to do, do it. Do it now. Don't wait." - Robert De Niro
  2. "I didn't have a problem with rejection, because when you go into an audition, you're rejected already. There are hundreds of other actors. You're behind the eight ball when you go in there." - Robert De Niro
  3. "I love to find new people. It's not for the sake of their being new; it's because if you find someone who perfectly fits a part, that's such a great thing." - Robert De Niro
  4. "I think it's important to have had at least a few years of obscurity, where people treat you like everybody else." - Robert De Niro
  5. "You never know what you do that could be totally out of left field, which actually might work and give something fresh to the whole scene, to the character, whatever. If you have that with a director who then knows how to shape it, either in the direction, in the moment, or in the editing, then that's good." - Robert De Niro

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