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    About Discount Tire Direct

    For over 25 years, Discount Tire Direct has sold tires, and in the process, they have successfully built relationships with all of the best wheel and tire manufacturers. For this reason, when customers shop with Discount Tire Direct today, they can be guaranteed they are going to get the best products at the lowest prices. Besides, Discount Tire Direct offers the most choices and is the industry’s number one resource for tires and wheels.

    With Discount Tire Direct, you can easily purchase all you need online, and you get a wide selection to choose from. Discount Tire Direct guarantees the best tire coverage in the business. All tires sold by the company come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty to cover any material defects on a pro-rated basis.

    Products & Services

    • Tires: At Discount Tire Direct, you can get all types of tires. The business offers the following:

      All-Season Tires: To give customers year-round versatility, dependable handling, a durable trad life, and quiet rides.

      All-Terrain Tires: To take customers anywhere they want to go. All-terrain tires are built to be versatile, for work or play.

      ATV / UTV: ATV / UTV tires are built to give you traction in the sand, mud, gravel, or even on rocks.

      Car Tires: For customers hoping to get versatility at the cheapest prices, car tires have an all-season tread to do just that.

      Competition Tires: These are special DOT approved tires that give users improved handling, cornering, and traction

      Golf & Lawn Tires: Tires made specifically for golf carts, lawnmowers, or wheelbarrows available in a wide range of options.

      Mud Terrain Tires: These tires have aggressive tread patterns to provide enhanced tractions, even in the roughest terrains.

      Performance Tires: For sporty cars, performance tires give you advanced maneuvering, agile handling, and enhanced tractions.

      Snow/Winter Tires: These provide enough traction to keep you going on snow and ice.

      Spare Tires: Designed to not take up too much space in the trunk of your car.

    • Wheels: Just like with tires, Discount Tire Direct provides different custom & aftermarket wheels. The wheels offered can help you achieve the particular look you’ve always wanted for your sedan, coupe, or crossover. Mesh wheels, multi-spoke wheels, modular wheels, and more are all available at Discount Tire Direct.
    • Accessories: Discount Tire Direct also offers various wheel accessories like wheel install kits, hub caps, and hub rings. They also offer TPMS accessories like sensors, rebuilding kits, and retrofit kits.
    • Tire Size and Conversion Calculator: With the Tire Size Calculator from Discount Tire Direct, you can easily get measurements for your current tire size.