GoDaddy – $1/mo. web hosting + free domain with promo code in 2020

With this exclusive deal valid until 31 December 2020, you can get Economic Web Hosting through GoDaddy, including a free domain, for just $1 per month for a year. This represents an 88 percent discount, and as well as your...read more details

With this exclusive deal valid until 31 December 2020, you can get Economic Web Hosting through GoDaddy, including a free domain, for just $1 per month for a year.

This represents an 88 percent discount, and as well as your free domain, you will get 100 GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth and free business email with 10 GB of dedicated storage. You will also benefit from GoDaddy’s 24-hour security monitoring, and it takes just one-click to install a variety of essential applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. You can choose between a Linux or Windows hosting plan. Windows is the best option for a basic website for most small businesses.

GoDaddy is currently the largest domain registrar in the world, and they have developed a variety of tools to make building a website quick and easy on their platform, without the need for a lot of expert knowledge. This is ideal for small businesses looking to build attractive websites, but don’t need a lot of fancy features, such as online sales plug-ins.

While their opening deal of just $1 per month is one of the cheapest that you will find anywhere, with any provider, their standard monthly rate after the first year is on the medium to high side. However, for this price-tag you do get high reliability, good uptime, and fast and helpful customer service. Small businesses without an expert web team will find that even GoDaddy’s standard rate offers great value for money.

I recommend GoDaddy for anyone that is looking for something that is easy to use, and for simplicity, as GoDaddy offer everything you need to build and manage your website in one place. Moreover, while their basic package is fairly limited, there is plenty of scope to upgrade, and invest more in your website as your business grows.

Here’s the screenshot of GoDaddy’s pricing table for other plans:

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Don’t wait for your next side-hustle or online business and redeem this new and 2019 special GoDaddy promo code to register your next domain name for $0.99/year only. Please note that this deal works once per customer and doesn’t work for renewals. close the details


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81058$1 Web Hosting

GoDaddy Reviews

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Jenny DeMarco

I agree that GoDaddy is easy to use thanks its friendly control panels and very reasonable for starter websites with less than say 20K visits a month (talking of Basic hosting plan and well-optimized WordPress site with cache and other performance boosting optimizations). However renewal prices might be a little much compared to other web hosting providers and there is not a renewal coupon for GoDaddy (as far as I see most other web hosting providers don’t offer a code for renewals too) so beware of renewal prices. Also note that it always is more reasonable to start with the lowest plan and upgrade it later on, so if your business discontinues your loss will be minimized.

Stefan Weiss

I have been searching on the web for GoDaddy coupons and there are too many fake coupons that are created to get affiliate clicks. Coupons listed here are legit and working. Thanks for being honest about the offers.

GoDaddy offers fool-proof service. You don’t have to be technical to manage your web hosting account at GoDaddy. It’s very simple and basic. Obviously their panel is created for a very non-technical fashion blogger and random small business owner on the street. This is why I like GoDaddy; simplicity.

What I don’t like about it is domain name renewals. They cost a lot compared to other domain name registrars. You buy for $1 for the first year, and end up paying $20 for renewal. But it gives you a full year to shine your business. So if your business fails in a year, you only paid $1 for the domain name and you will comfortable paying $20 if you make it. Basically you are given a year to try your online business for nothing.

Mikhael Randall

GoDaddy is my favorite domain registrar. You can really buy cheap .com domains which cost around $1 with coupon code. However, GoDaddy does not share coupon codes for domain name renewals. So domain renewals might cost a little more compared other registrars.

I also like GoDaddy Auctions, there are lots of expired domain names and you buy either buy them with a single click and then it goes directly to your account. You don’t have to wait for transfer process or other things.

Also as domain broker, 90% of my clients and potential buyers already own a GoDaddy account. So I can push the domain name I sold directly to my buyer’s account, which takes less than a minute.

Their shared web hosting plans are neither better, nor worse than other web hosting providers. The only thing is, their economy hosting really sucks; it’s very limited and slow since they allocate very low server resources. That’s why I recommend you to check their tier 2 and tier 1 hosting plans, which are more decent.

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More about GoDaddy

GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by a single individual, Bob Parsons. The original name was “Jomax technologies”. The company developed very fast and the name was changed in 1999 to “Go Daddy” owing to the rapid growth of the company. In 2006, the name was changed from two words “Go Daddy” to one word “GoDaddy”.

In 2001, Network Solutions was no longer the only business authorized to sell domain names. This development allowed GoDaddy to get into the business and not long before they became the biggest domain registrar in the world. This happened the same year when GoDaddy became cash flow positive.

Review of GoDaddy

GoDaddy powers the biggest cloud platform in the world with over 17 million customers across the world and about 77 million domain names under their management. GoDaddy helps people with ideas to build a professional website and manage their works. GoDaddy has over 6,000 employees worldwide. The company is known for its newspaper and TV advertisements. GoDaddy has been involved in many controversies related to censorship.

Value Web Hosting

GoDaddy provides economy plans at cheap prices for small businesses to build their own websites. Despite the low pricing, the packages include features that ensure that users get access to what’s necessary for reliable hosting. Economy plans include unlimited bandwidth, 100 email addresses, about 100 gigabytes of storage, 10 MySQL databases, one SQL database, and a free domain with an annual plan.

Web Hosting

In addition to the basic Economy plans, users that are looking for hosting through GoDaddy can also access the Ultimate or Deluxe plans. The Ultimate plan is perfect for websites that are designed for heavy traffic while the Deluxe plan is designed for users that are planning on putting together several websites. Both plans provide you with unlimited websites, bandwidth, storage and a free domain with an annual plan. The Ultimate and Deluxe plans provide more SQL and MySQL server databases than the basic Economy plan. They also allow more email addresses to be attached to your domain name.

Dedicated Web Hosting

GoDaddy provides your business with its own designated IP address on a dedicated web hosting plan. This IP address will not be shared with any other account on the same server. The feature is necessary for a user that is planning on acquiring a Secure Layer (SSL) certificate for more comprehensive encryption. When you want to update your domain name’s DNS, a dedicated IP address is necessary which often causes your website to be inaccessible to others during the period of updates.

WordPress Managed Hosting

GoDaddy works with the WordPress platform. This feature allows users to build their websites with WordPress. GoDaddy provides access to a library of free plugins and themes for people that host their WordPress sites through GoDaddy. This allows further customization of their websites. The WordPress Ultimate plan also provides users with complete security through SiteLock Professional Malware scan.

Shared Web Hosting

Developers and designers of websites benefit from the shared web hosting features available through the GoDaddy Pro plans. This feature offers an advanced experience for users that are already familiar with building and running websites. With GoDaddy Pro plans, web owners can give trusted users access to their hosting accounts without having to offer personal username and password.

GoDaddy Hosting Services

GoDaddy is one of the largest known hosting provider worldwide. They provide a variety of reliable web hosting services. GoDaddy has over 63 million domain names that are registered currently. GoDaddy is the choice of new websites owners who need to register a domain name, build website in an integrated platform and sign up quality web hosting at an affordable rate. They create a platform where advanced developers can put their professional skills to application. GoDaddy offers users the flexibility they need at any point by allowing switching from one option to another.

Easy to Access

GoDaddy website is easy to understand. It has an introductory interface for new users to start using it right out of the box without being overwhelmed. Most of their tools are drag and drop (for example contact forms, inserting images, slide shows, etc.), which implies that items can be placed anywhere on your site with ease.

Good customer support

GoDaddy hosting is known to have one of the best customer team in the industry. If you encounter any challenge at any point, you can always contact their customer service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The response of their customer service is fast, efficient and polite. Their various customer support methods include queries via email, online chat feature, or you can simply put a call in. They respond to email in less than 24 hours.


It is very important to have a protection for your data and your client’s data. This is why GoDaddy invest huge money to ensure an efficient online security. Sites that are hosted with GoDaddy are well secured.

GoDaddy Promo Codes

Several discounts are available on GoDaddy hosting services. It is a good thing to always search for a coupon code before buying a hosting service. GoDaddy provides promo codes to make hosting services available at cheaper prices. You will end up paying almost half of the original price for some services.

GoDaddy Pricing

GoDaddy offers two different server plans which include; Linux (ranging from $2.49-29.99/month) and windows (ranging from $2.99-16.99/month). The major differences between the server plans include the number of websites that can be hosted, DNS management, disk space memory, MySQL databases, and several subdomains.

To learn more about and follow the recent updates from the company, Godaddy on Wikipedia, follow Godaddy on Twitter or like Godaddy company page on Facebook.

GoDaddy Promo Codes – FAQ

How many GoDaddy coupons are available?

We have two valid GoDaddy promo codes that offer discounts for domain name registrations and web hosting services. for more

Are there any coupons for GoDaddy web hosting plans?

Yes, we have one verified GoDaddy coupon with which you can save 83% off on shared web hosting plans. Once activated, you can order a web hosting plan for $1/month and a free domain name included.

Are there any coupons for domain name registrations at GoDaddy?

Yes, we have a coupon code that allows you to register .COM domain names for $0.99/year.

Does GoDaddy offer coupon codes for domain name renewals?

No, GoDaddy doesn't offer coupon codes for domain name renewals.