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About Garmin

Founded in 1989 as ProNav, it was later renamed to Garmin, a combination of the names of its founders, Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao. With offices in almost all continents, and products sold worldwide, Garmin is one of the few truly global companies on the planet. Their goal? To make your life easier with some of their pretty amazing technology. Back in 1991, after selling their first product (a GPS unit), the U.S. Army became customers of Garmin. Since then, the company has experienced what can only be termed astronomical growth.

Products and Services

  • Wearables: Garmin’s wearables are some of their really popular products, especially in recent times. And this is deservedly so. Their wearables can do almost anything. They act as smart watches, GPS units, and really good fitness trackers. The designs are also really amazing. If you want a watch that’s really classy but can also monitor your health, Garmin has just that. Or if you would prefer something a bit more functional, something you could wear for a run and throughout the day but it could still play you music, again Garmin has exactly that.
  • Automotive: We mentioned that Garmin’s first product was a GPS unit, and yes, they have not left that area. As a matter of fact, they are still very active in manufacturing GPS units, and its going to only get better. They have produced navigation devices for cars, trucks, RVs, and even motorcycles. They even have a performance optimizer and racing coach for track drivers!
  • Marine: If you like to go fishing, or just spend some time on the water, Garmin has products to make your time on the water a lot easier too. Garmin has products that help you find your way (GPS and Maps), and even connectivity solutions that let you know what is happening with your boat from your phone. They also have chart plotters, fish finders, ice fishing kits, transducers, trolling motors, sonar black boxes, and lots more’
  • Aviation: Whether you fly for a living, or just as a hobby, Garmin is modernising flight with their products. With digital upgrades from traditional and mechanical instruments, pilots who use products from Garmin tend to find their experiences a lot smoother.

With all of the mind-blowing technology and products we have described from Garmin so far, you might find it even harder to believe that you could get a lot of discounts and promotional offers from this global company. But you can. And we are going to give you all the information on how to get that. On our website, we tell you all about Garmin’s latest promotions, discounts, and what coupon codes to use. Don’t miss it.


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