Host1Plus Coupon Codes 2018


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Host1plus was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing a high value hosting solutions to customers.  The emphasis on a long-term relationship from the very beginning of the firm has ensured that the old customers are as important at the recent acquisitions.  The long-term focus emphasized by the founder and CEO, Vincentas Grinius, is what has kept the company floating at times of hardship and belt-tightening, when most other firms would have shut shop.

Primarily, the firm deals with hosting solutions.  There are varying capacities that would cater to the most demanding of the customers and even the custom-made ones as well.  A strong emphasis on the technical capability has ensured that the completion is always a step behind.  The firm also does deal with reseller hosting as well as VPS hosting. The strong knowledge base does ensure that the client is given the best available choice of technology. The client support is matched by few other firms in the line of business.