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    About Kinsta

    Founded in 2013, Kinsta was founded to disrupt the popular standards at the time. How? Simple. A determination to stand out and become the best. Through constant development and a lot of hard work, Kinsta is now, without doubt, one of the best WordPress hosting platforms in the world.

    Today, Kinsta has remote and local hubs managed by individuals with great talents and are very enthusiastic about WordPress. They also serve clients in 128 countries spread across six out of the seven continents. One of Kinsta’s core values is performance. True to their status as enthusiasts, they continuously optimize and upgrade to ensure their service is the fastest.


    • Speed: Like we just mentioned, Kinsta has some of the fastest services available. They make use of updated technology like Nginx, PHP 8.0, and LXD Software containers. Additionally, they make use of Maria DB and computer-optimized Virtual Machines to ensure all of the websites they host have the fastest loading times. To crown it all, these technologies are automatically scalable and boast high availability with complete resource isolation.
    • Secure: Kinsta has employed measures to ensure they can easily halt any attack on all the websites they host and on their own servers. The servers are all monitored to make sure there is no downtime, there is SSL support, and DDoS attack detection. Kinsta also has equipped hardware firewalls to make sure all sites are always up and protected.
    • Premium Infrastructure: All of Kinsta’s hardware and software consist of only the latest and best technologies available. Regardless of whatever development stack your website uses, Kinsta will be sure to have the latest framework ready for your use.
    • Powered by Google Cloud: Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers. This means the distance for transmission of your data is minimized and so are hops. They are interconnected over Google’s premium tier network, so all data is transported safely and securely.
    • Free and Expert Site Migration: When you decide to move your site to Kinsta’s servers, it is all done smoothly so your site does not experience any downtime (and lose potential customers). The whole process is handled by experts, so you have nothing to worry about.
    • Uptime Checks: Every site hosted by Kinsta is checked every 2 minutes to ensure they are constantly up and running smoothly. Should any issue be discovered during these uptime checks, they are immediately taken care of by Kinsta.
    • Daily Backups: Kinsta backs up every site they host daily. If anything happens to your website, you can get it all back at the click of a button.
    • Flexible Architecture: Even if your website does not always have a lot of visitors, Kinsta’s servers are still always ready for any sudden traffic surges. Besides, you can always scale up.
    • Great Customer Support: Kinsta’s customer support is made up of WordPress experts who monitor websites 24/7, provide fast feedback to all inquiries, and solve all issues they encounter.

    Kinsta also provides an easy dashboard overview to monitor all websites with data and all the analytics you need. Finally, they provide WooCommerce hosting, enterprise hosting, agency hosting, and more.

    Kinsta is a great WordPress hosting service. What makes them even better is the willingness to offer deals and sales to help their customers save more. We have all the information you need on Kinsta’s latest deals right here.