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About NordPass

NordPass is committed to creating security products to help their customers have a more stress-free digital life. Basically, the company is determined to ensure you never have to forget any password or get hacked because you made use of a weak password, ever again. All their products are made with a passion for detail. Furthermore, all the products are designed to be simpler, nicer, faster, and ultimately, safer.

True to their promise, security is NordPass’s major concern with all their products. All their apps are structured so that the company itself has zero knowledge of your information. The company also subjects itself to independent security audits to assure its users.

Products & Services

  • NordPass for Businesses: NordPass for businesses helps your team protect important passwords and remain organized. Of course, this is also beneficial because it gives an extra layer of protection to your company’s data. With the NordPass password manager for your business, you can easily make use of the admin panel to add or remove members who can gain access to your passwords, and you get to only pay for members with active accounts.

    With NordPass Business as a protector for your business, you can show your customers that your business is GDPR-compliant or a step closer to being HIPAA compliant.

  • Username Generator: The username generator makes it easier for users to either protect existing usernames so you never have to wonder what your username for a particular site is, or you could just generate a new username when you need one. The username generator helps you create unique and secure usernames which you could even use on social media. Since a username could reveal your true identity, and then link back to you, if you do not want that, you should use the username generator to avoid your usernames being cross-referenced over different platforms.
  • Password Manager: The NordPass password manager does more than just help you store passwords so you can check them later. The password manager can also help you store login details, credit card numbers, or even secure notes. You can then protect all these with a master password. So instead of having to memorize numerous passwords, you have to remember just one.
  • Password Generator: Have some trouble generating a strong enough password, no problem, NordPass is here to help. The password generator helps you come up with totally random, and strong passwords. Immediately you generate a strong password, you can save it with the password manager, and then just let NordPass autofill for you whenever you have to log in.
  • Password Strength Checker: The NordPass password strength checker helps you make sure your password is strong enough and good to go. It considers whether your password has some key elements present in it, and then gives you an estimated time it would take for a hacker to crack your password.

Security is very important and should not be compromised at all.  NordPass provides some of the best security available, helping you make sure all your passwords are safe. However, NordPass also frequently offers its customers great deals to help them save more. We have all the information you need on NordPass’s latest deals right here. Check them out!


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