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    About Uber Eats

    Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivering service launched by Uber, the popular ride-hailing service, in 2014. Uber Eats is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and serves more than 6,000 cities in over 45 different countries. Initially starting as the UberFRESH service, the company was later renamed UberEATS.

    2015 also saw the service release its own application for iOS and Android, separate from the Uber ride-hailing app.  Today, Uber Eats is one of the most popular online ordering platforms. The service reported revenue of around $1.5 billion in 2018, and in March 2020, the company recorded a 30% increase in customers.

    On the mobile apps, Uber Eats users can read the menus, reviews, and ratings of different restaurants partnered with the Uber Eats service. Users can then go ahead to order and pay for food via the app, food is eventually delivered to customers by couriers, usually hired by Uber Eats. The couriers could either deliver with a car, bikes, scooters or even deliver by foot.

    Customers can also track their orders with the Uber Eats app. With the tracking feature, customers can see the restaurant accept their order and start preparing the meal, see when the courier picks up the meal, and finally track the courier’s movement towards them on the map. Uber Eats typically charges partner restaurants about 30% to 35%.

    Uber Eats for Businesses: Uber Eats for businesses is split into two main categories. Business accounts for businesses to provide for employees, and the business accounts for businesses that hope to satisfy clients 100%. With both categories, businesses can have great food delivered directly to employees or customers, even at their homes.

    For Employees: With Uber Eats Business, employers can now send meals to employees, even when the employees are working from home. With this solution, employers can create meal programs and let employees get the option of having local favorites delivered to their doorsteps. Similarly, employees working in the same office, can now order in a shared cart and get individually packaged items.

    For Customers: Businesses can now appreciate customers virtually, simply with an Uber Eats voucher or gift card that customers can use to have food delivered to them. These vouchers can also be distributed during virtual meetings to engage your customers. The vouchers also allow customers to order from restaurants of their choice.

    Uber Eats is truly a great service that aims to make the lives of its users a lot easier. What makes them even better is the willingness to offer users regular discounts to help them save more, and we have all the information you need on Uber Eats’s latest discounts right here. Check them out!