For small business owners owning a domain is actually very important and beneficial to your business. Owning a domain does not cost a lot of money to the business owner and honestly it is simple to do. By owning a domain, you are able to contrail what people see when it comes to your business

Creating your own domain is rewarding and a great feeling. Having your own website can give your business endless possibilities and although it may seem hard, registering your own domain name is easy. With the help of the internet there are a lot of companies you can use to help register your domain name and

With an endless amount of websites flooding the internet, it can be tough to establish one’s presence with a domain name. Many of the best ones were snatched up quickly and several big companies were quick to buy their own when the internet appeal was still in its infancy. Many of these domains have proved

We are more than excited to announce the first free WordPress theme we are releasing: DP-01. As the name of this WordPress theme is self-explanatory, we will be releasing new themes and useful plugins as our audience grow larger! So please subscribe to our newsletter to get the new WordPress themes to your inbox. Let’s

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP as we usually call it, is a project from Google that is designed to make websites run faster on mobile devices. Technically speaking, in order for your website to be viewable on any device, your device has to download all resources from CSS to JS and fonts to other files.

Kindergarten is an important stepping stone for a child. It helps a child to grow socially and emotionally. Kindergarten education not only develops your child’s motor skills, but also improves his/her ability to think, and acknowledge various aspects of life. Before visiting a Kindergarten, most parents would interact with their websites. And hence, it becomes

Exit-Intent Popups are windows that, for lack of better term, literally popup whenever the user displays the intent to exit the web page. This often means that the user is exposed to various different messages, which might be an offer, recommended article or product and anything, right as they are about to leave the site.

WordPress is one of the leading website software options for many reasons, but one of them is undeniably the ease of use. Even someone with no coding experience can easily create a great looking website. When using a drag and drop page builder with WordPress, the ease of use is multiplied. Plugins that give users

The total cost of purchasing a printer is not just the price you buy it for. A huge amount of money is spent later on for buying ink cartridges every time your printer’s ink runs out. As printer ink is probably one of the most expensive liquids, it makes sense to use it in moderation.

The speed of your website is going to be critical to the overall success of your site. Customers do not want to have to wait for pages and graphics to load today. There is so much competition out there today for every customer that when someone comes upon a site that is slow to load

You have gone through all of the hours needed to set up a quality website, so you want to be sure you do all that you can to keep it running all of the time. This is particularly important for your business site since many websites today are under constant threat of attack from hackers.

We have been asked some questions about what is a domain name, how to buy a domain name and how to make your website accessible on the internet and we prepared this simple guide that will help you understand the process of owning a domain name and some other essential details. What is a Domain

By default, Heroku apps have a Heroku domain name, and it is always desirable to have your app with a unique domain name. Purchasing a domain name and then pointing it to Heroku app solves the issue. Setting Up Heroku and Godaddy The first step is adding the GoDaddy domain to the Heroku app. Navigate

Starting up a company can be hectic and often cumbersome. However you might be compelled to solely launch that profitable idea so that you may in total control of the company. This mentality nonetheless would be the reason that you do transform that genius idea into that profitable company. For many reasons that makes it

The announcement of new generic top-level domain names excited many domain investors and webmasters since they offered a chance to register exact match business and sector focused domain extensions, such as .market,.dentist,.actor and many others, when they first released. However a few was able to register valuable domain names that worth thousands of dollars. The

An expired domain is a domain name which was not renewed by its registrar. Once a domain expires, it becomes available for registration again. The owner is left with an option to renew or sell, if not acted upon it expires and goes up for new registration. For some people, these domains have little value but to

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