Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP as we usually call it, is a project from Google that is designed to make websites run faster on mobile devices. Technically speaking, in order for your website to be viewable on any device, your device has to download all resources from CSS to JS and fonts to other files. While you generally don’t have to wait too much on desktop computers connected to Wi-Fi, on mobile devices the case is not the same. Since you are either connected to LTE or 3G depending on where you live, it may take minutes for a website to load fully on your mobile device. Therefore you provide a bad user experience and your bounce rate increases. Furthermore, you end up consuming megabytes from your visitors’ mobile data plan.

When you activate AMP for your website, Google creates a basic version of your website and servers it to the visitors in a nick of time. Faster pages mean better rankings on search result, lower bounce rate and greater user experience. Yet, it’s quite easy for WordPress powered websites to switch to AMP with plugins. No hassle, no technical knowledge is required; here are the top 6 WordPress AMP plugins:

1) WP AMP Plugin

WP AMP is a premium WordPress plugin which enables your websites to open faster on mobile devices. Once this plugin is installed and activated, all pages on your website have an AMP version. The plugin offers some outstanding features, but limited support. This plugin can –

  • Give your SEO a push-up
  • Speed up your website on mobile phones.
  • Enhance user experience on your website.
  • Attract more traffic from Google search engine pages.
  • Create custom AMP design with no requirement for coding.
  • Increase sales on your WooCommerce site or place ads with AdSense.

This plugin also –

  • Supports all content types and archives
  • Enables you to embed audio, videos, images and iframes
  • Allows you to customize the standard design/ create an entirely new design
  • Tracks visitors with the help of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager
  • Supports WooCommerce sites

WP AMP is compatible with a host of different kinds of post types, like –

  • Home pages
  • Blog pages
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Static pages
  • Search pages
  • Custom post types
  • WooCommerce shops, products etc.

With this plugin, you can customize –

  • Your Logo
  • Header menu
  • Footer
  • Color
  • Font
  • Posts and Post comments
  • Ad Blocks, etc.

Using the built-in drag-and-drop page builder, you can also enable, disable, modify or rearrange the AMP blocks in the website. This plugin is great to add the AMP feature to your website and enables mobile redirects for it. You can use this plugin to make your site mobile-friendly, without having to change the theme files.


Accelerated Mobile Pages Project enables the creation of faster websites and ads which are compatible across devices. With this plugin, all posts on the websites will generate AMP-compatible versions. Although the pages and archives are not currently supported by this AMP, it is being worked on. The plugin only creates AMP content, but it is not visible to the users when they visit your website from a mobile phone.

  • Few things like colors can be modified with the AMP Customizer from the dashboard.
  • The plugin comes with a default template setting, which is both appealing and minimalist.
  • The customization comes with a mix of ease and extensibility.
  • The default template will try to draw from different theme mods, if the active theme supports it

The user reviews about this plugin are a combination of good and not so good. While the plugin seems to create a beautiful AMP version for blog pages, the pages don’t trigger on a mobile phone. There are also some concerns about the support of the plugin. Some customers have complained of unresolved bugs in the plugin, which have inconvenienced users.


AMP Glue plugin enables integration of the Yoast SEO into your AMP pages. This ensures that your meta-data is implemented correctly. In addition to this, the Glue plugin provides a simpler way to customize your AMP pages. Some other features of this plugin are –

  • Applies rudimentary styles in the form of colors and styles to align it to the look and feel of your main page.
  • This adds a preview setting on all the posts edit screen.
  • Allows you to add some extra tags and CSS manually in the header section.
  • Aligns the styling as per your brand and makes it bit more stylish than usual.
  • Automatically grabs the account code and ensures that the AMP pages are tracked.

However, this plugin can only be used by Yoast users.


The Custom AMP plugin is free and provides substantial benefits to WordPress users. Quite a few performance updates have been made on this plugin for faster content delivery. With the help of this plugin, you can change the content width, AMP icon, logo, WooCommerce content and similar functionalities by just activating the plugin.

  • It allows you to customize every part of the website as per your discretion by overriding the default AMP template data.
  • This plugin allows you to add featured images, analytics, navigation menu and even the comment count to the Meta AMP page with the help of this plugin.
  • You can also add code to the header and footer and change AMP endpoint
  • The plugin helps you to add menu for AMP pages and Google analytics code for AMP
  • It shows your comments section on AMP Pages

Users have been happy with the Custom AMP plugin because it’s simple and effective.


The WP AMP Ninja is one of the best AMP plugins available for WordPress. It boosts traffic and increases conversions from mobile traffic. It is a premium WordPress plugin and supports all pages of a website, irrespective of the content type used for the page template. This plugin not only makes your website AMP compliant, but also enables your visitors to experience and consume your content real fast.

  • The plugin supports out-of-the-box AdSense and Google Analytics.
  • It doesn’t need any additional configuration. It’s a simple install-and-activate plugin
  • Once installed, the plugin automatically generates the AMP versions of all your pages, posts and other custom content types.
  • It supports audio, video, gif and iframe tags
  • It displays your logo or name of the blog in the header
  • It supports the featured image functionality
  • It gives you the option to choose SCHEMA for each post type
  • You can change the custom theme color, link color, Header menu, ability to add custom CSS and text color.
  • The plugin supports social media icon integration

The final word

Nowadays, we spend more time on our phones than on computers; and so does our customers. As businesses, the best way to ensure that we get our target audience to stay on our websites is to see that our websites support AMP. It is now evident that the aforementioned plugins can make a website run at a good pace. Not to forget, a website in today’s age reflects a company’s image to new users and existing customers. A website with a good loading speed goes a long way in establishing the trust that the organization values time.

Kindergarten is an important stepping stone for a child. It helps a child to grow socially and emotionally. Kindergarten education not only develops your child’s motor skills, but also improves his/her ability to think, and acknowledge various aspects of life.

Before visiting a Kindergarten, most parents would interact with their websites. And hence, it becomes extremely important that your Kindergarten website is as impeccable as the school. A shoddy website will ruin a parent’s first impression of your school; and it’s a recipe for disaster. You will lose business and your reputation will be spoilt even before it is made.

WordPress offers a beautiful collection of Kindergarten themes to spunk up your website. These not only enhance the aesthetics of your website; but also have terrific capabilities to make your website come alive. Given below is a collection of some of the best WordPress Kindergarten themes.

1. Kid’s Play

Kids Play is a very lighthearted WordPress theme, showcasing the creative and ever-imaginative minds of children. The joyful animations provided on the theme give an impressive and contemporary look to the website. The Theme can be used for kindergarten, primary or elementary school, child care centers and nurseries.

This WordPress theme is based on the Unyson framework and its visual composer uses drag-and-drop functionality. This is a responsive theme and can be used across devices. It has pre-built layout and has a palette option of 5-colour schemes. The theme also features WooCommerce and WPML. Complete with social media icons, this WordPress theme is a fun-packed Kindergarten theme.

2. Kiddy

A vibrant and youthful, Kiddy is a fresh and visually stimulating Kindergarten WordPress Theme. With mostly light pastel shades featuring on the interface, this theme offers a hassle-free and user-friendly toolkit which can be built without any knowledge of coding or developing. It features powerful plugins that allows you to customize your website anytime.

It is a fully responsive theme and offers its users loads of header-footer options and choices of sidebars with an endless series of backgrounds, fonts and colors. It features a drag-and -drop content editor and it’s also WPML and WooCommerce – ready. This WordPress theme also comes packed with contact forms and widgets.

4. Child Dooris

Child Dooris is an incredible and highly professional WordPress Kindergarten theme – ideal for preschools and junior school websites. With a seamless and adaptable design, Child Dooris will immediately attract parents towards your website. It has a modern design with happy faces of children, which immediately lightens up your mood.

When we talk about features, this WordPress theme looks perfect on every device; and has quite a few premium plugins integrated into it. The sliders are all mobile-ready and you have the option of showcasing your finest works and images. The theme also features a Visual Composer Tool with a drag-and-drop functionality. There is also an option of changing fonts and images, which makes customization a cakewalk.

5. Kiddie

With a very playful and energetic visual design, it’s a fully responsive WordPress theme and retina optimized. The theme is ideal for kindergartens, preschools and child care centers. This clean and friendly design is accompanied by a collection of tools and features which allow webmasters to design amazing websites for kindergartens.

This WordPress theme is packed with commercially useful features including pricing boxes, several customizable demo web pages – and much more. It is also integrated with a strong framework for time-based activities that parents are sure to love.

6. Newkiddo

Newkiddo is a free WordPress Kindergarten theme which can be used for kindergartens, preschools, infants and other websites related to kids. The background is a soft yellow color with blue under-tones. Both these colors attract the attention of parents and children. It can easily be downloaded and used.

The theme has custom sidebars and is short code-ready. Newkiddo also has a social share bar and a dynamic content loader. It is WooCommerce compatible and can be integrated with all the latest WordPress versions. The theme is built with SEO in mind and ensures that the contents are index-able.

7. Preschool and Kindergarten

The Preschool and Kindergarten WordPress theme is an elegant and neat design, ideal for kindergarten websites. This theme is definitely going to grab a lot of attention towards your website from young parents. It’s a fully responsive design, ideal for all devices and is free for anyone who wants to download and use it.

The theme is search engine optimized and will enable your site to get ranked and indexed on different search engines. The advanced slider feature beautifully showcases your images and can be used to display everything you desire. The theme also has an extensive theme documentation feature, which guides you through the set-up process. Social media integration and widget-readiness are some of its other important aspects.

8. Kids Life

Responsive and retina-ready, the Kids Life WordPress kindergarten theme is compatible with all smartphones and devices. The vibrant and youthful interface has lively colors integrated with multiple layout options and an attractive gallery to feature images and memories.

The theme is WooCommerce- friendly and WPML compatible. The site is also translation-ready, to allow use by multilingual websites. It can be easily customizable with 20 gorgeous color options. It features a drag-and-drop functionality, with tons of short codes and an all-in-one theme options panel. The Kids Life theme is also backed by best in class support.

9. Fable

This is a wonderful WordPress Theme for kindergarten websites. It can also be used for elementary, primary and playschool websites. The design is simple and user-friendly with a contemporary feel to it. At the same time, it also speaks oodles of pleasantness and flexibility.

Fable is a responsive design, and comes with a Theme Demo Data Installer in a single click. This allows you to import widgets, posts, Theme Demo Pages – all seamlessly. Fable’s inbuilt Drag and Drop Page Builder coupled with a huge collection of components enables you to build your website in a matter of minutes. There is also a short code generator integrated, for those who like to work with a native WordPress editor.

10. Kids Planet

Kids Planet is a visually impressive and a ravishing WordPress kindergarten theme. It is well-structured, colorful and highly intuitive. It is both user and webmaster friendly, which is known for its feature rich interface and functional versatility. It is a responsive theme and comes packed with three exclusive homepage layouts.

The visual composer allows you to customize the layouts and with the help of the Revolution Slider, you can you can deploy widgets and short codes conveniently. The theme also features several different blog styles to keep parents updated on the progress of the school. It is WooCommerce compatible and you can set up an entire website without having to write a single code.

11. Alphabet

Alphabet is a fun and colorful WordPress theme for kindergarten. The design is elegant and attractive at the same time. It is carefully designed to respond to various devices, including smartphones and tablets. It includes many fun elements that are easy to edit.

It has a drag-and-drop Page Builder and some very powerful options – including 3 ready-to-use color skins to enable webmasters to make your own scheme. It has a built-in slider extension to help you create different kind of sliders like carousel, video slider and hero scene.

12. Little People

Little People is a kindergarten purpose built WordPress theme that is ideal for kindergarten, child care or nursery websites. The theme is packed with premium WordPress plugins and pre-built pages that are optimized for kindergarten websites. The design is minimalistic, but vibrant at the same time.

The theme is supported with video tutorials and premium forum support and detailed documentation – that will let you install this theme seamlessly. Elegant typography, full screen images and parallax video backgrounds gives users an immersive experience. The Visual Composer comes with a drag-and-drop functionality and a frontend and backend page-builder plugin.

13. Toddlers

Toddlers WordPress Kindergarten is a high-resolution retina display theme. The colorful display will make your website come alive. The theme can accommodate any screen size, and will work on laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs. This theme also supports WooCommerce and an event calendar feature is also available with the design.

The site’s typography can be personalized with customized fonts which enhances your site’s visual appeal. The images can be easily changed by using the Theme Options Panel. Several post format variations like gallery, image, links, standard and quote. The code is well written and search engine optimized.

14. Cupid

Cupid is a very charming kindergarten website theme. With plenty of header and home page variations, and personalized images and sliders, Cupid can be set up in a matter of minutes. It has a drag-and -drop page building tool. The Revolution Slider plugin enables the creation of some fantastic slides.

Cupid WordPress theme is a responsive website theme and guarantees the site’s compatibility across devices. It also features a powerful theme Administration Panel, which ensures that every aspect of your kindergarten website can be easily customized.

15. Kids Care

Kids Care WordPress kindergarten theme is a beautiful but elegant designed theme, which will appeal to all parents. There are endless choices for header customization in this theme. An optional personalized user panel and variable settings for logos are additional features of this theme.

Visual Composer and the Short Code Builder can be used to design and customize the different pages of the website. And all this can be done without any knowledge of programming or coding. There are more than 9 amazing blog styles available with this theme along with video and Parallax backgrounds.

Exit-Intent Popups are windows that, for lack of better term, literally popup whenever the user displays the intent to exit the web page. This often means that the user is exposed to various different messages, which might be an offer, recommended article or product and anything, right as they are about to leave the site. For example, web masters can use these to increase the number of sales, subscribers and form leads or decrease bounce rate, the number of non-converting customers who are about to leave the website. So the usage of these plugins depends on what you website offers to visitors. Listed below are just 5 of the exit intent plugins that exists in WordPress Plugin Directory.

Plugin 1: Pop-Up CC Exit


The first one to be reviewed here is the Pop-Up CC Exit Plugin. It is easy to install through the WordPress Plugin Directory, or a zip file if necessary, and getting the plugin to run requires a simple activation in the plugin section of the WordPress Dashboard. It was updated over eight months ago, but Pop-Up CC Exit is still compatible with the current version of WordPress. Once it is downloaded, installed, and activated, it is possible to access the plugin’s settings.

The plugin itself offers six different templates to give the web designer a basic start on their popup. All of these templates are minimalist in their approach on designing a popup. Clicking on the template, however, will open up a window that allows it to be customized further. Anyone that has used WordPress previously will recognize this as the same customization process for the site themes. It also offers a few extra settings. These settings enable the web designer to choose which pages the popup should be enabled on, how often a user should have the popup displayed, and even if users that are logged in will see the popup.

Plugin 2: Conversation Popup Builder


Another Exit-Intent popup plugin, the Conversation Popup Builder is also available on the WordPress Plugin Directory. However, unlike the Pop-Up CC Exit, this plugin has been recently updated and is verified to be completely compatible with the current WordPress version. The Conversation Popup Builder plugin also puts emphasis on being compatible with WooCommerce, an additional plugin that adds online marketplace functionality to WordPress, and it boasts of being able to add an unlimited number of popups that have their own customer actions. Other plugins offer limited number of popup support before requiring an upgrade to a premium service.

The Conversation Popup Builder, by Social Intents, does require registration after first activating the plugin. This registration is, fortunately, free. Once done with registering, it becomes immediately clear that this plugin is not entirely based inside of the WordPress program. Instead, the plugin acts as a bridge between the SocialIntents service, which is only free for a two-week trial. It does offer a large number of tools and resources to track, create, and even integrate social media. The company behind this plugin does provide different payment plans, depending on the need of the website, but there are no reviews currently available to show if most web designers are satisfied with this product or not.

Plugin 3: Exit-Intent Popups by Optimonk


The plugin Exit-Intent Popups by Optimonk, or more accurately just Optimonk, follows in the same line of business as the Conversation Popup Builder plugin. While downloading and installing the plugin is a simple task, either through the plugin section of the dashboard or directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory, the plugin itself does not actually create the desired popups.

Upon pulling up the plugin settings the web developer is met with a page that simply asks for an account id. It does also have two links that (1) directs the developer to review the plugin, and (2) register for an account with Optimonk. The Optimonk account has a no-risk trial for 14-days, but the user will need to pay for it after that initial testing period. However, reviews for the Optimonk in the past year seem to be fairly positive, with the only downside being users are unhappy about having to pay for the service.

Plugin 4: Popup Builder


Installing this plugin for Exit-Intent popups was, of course, a breeze. Yet, the plugin itself looks a little more complicated after going into the settings. More similar to Pop-Up CC Exit plugin, Popup Build actually gives the web designer a few free options before blocking off other premium features. For instance, the developer can create popups with the templates of HTML, Image, Facebook, and Shortcode. The Iframe, Video, Restriction (18+), Countdown, Social, Exit-Intent, Subscription, and Contact Form popups require a premium subscription to use. Their advanced settings, like choosing if the popup should automatically close, are also features of the premium plan. On the plus side, the Popup Builder plugin has been updated to be compatible with this latest version of WordPress, and the free capabilities of the plugin have compelled many different users to leave it a positive review on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Plugin 5: Popup Manager 


The fifth and last, plugin to be reviewed here is the Popup Manager. As with all of the others previously mentioned, the Popup Manager is easily installed through the Plugin Directory on WordPress. The plugin developers boast of their product being the “most powerful free popup builder available” on the description page of their plugin site.

Upon further investigation into the settings of this particular plugin, any web developer could be rendered entirely amazed. First, the plugin does appear to be free for all basic purposes. The developers of this add-on decided to offer incentives to the developer to support them through purchasing greater functionality, but many of the features are definitely not essential. For example, the company has multiple different creative templates available to use, but they also provide more in another addon if the web designer would like to purchase it. Instead, this plugin enables the web developer to create, design, and additionally tweak a popup to do exactly what they want and when they want it.

In the end, choosing the correct plugin will take a decent amount of time in testing each one out to see which fits the needs of the website in question. All five of the above are either free, or they offer free trial periods, but there are others that provide a wider range of features if a premium plan is purchased. Of course, there are also a couple of WordPress plugins listed above that can do an excellent job at creating an Exit-Intent Popup without the need to hand over any money at all.

WordPress is one of the leading website software options for many reasons, but one of them is undeniably the ease of use. Even someone with no coding experience can easily create a great looking website. When using a drag and drop page builder with WordPress, the ease of use is multiplied. Plugins that give users the ability to organize content with a simple drag and drop interface make designing beautiful and functional websites a breeze. Here are 9 of the best free drag and drop page builder plugins:

1) Page Builder by SiteOrigin


This plugin makes use of the widget interface most WordPress users are already very familiar with. It works with any widgets, but the plugin also comes with a bundle of useful widgets to use. The drag and drop page builder works with any theme and changing themes won’t mess everything up. Site Origin also has a selection of free themes that work well with Page Builder. With over 1 million active installs and a near-perfect star rating, it’s easy to see why this drag and drop page builder is at the top of this list. This plugin is always free, with no need to pay for certain features.

2) Beaver Page Builder



Beaver Builder’s tagline is “WordPress sites in minutes, not months!” This statement isn’t hyperbole. This drag and drop page builder can lead to a great looking website really quickly, even for a total beginner. This plugin will work with most themes, and all the layouts are mobile responsive. Perhaps one of the best features of this plugin is the friendly and active “colony” of Beaver Builders, a group of users of this plugin who are eager to help. Beaver Builder’s lite version is free and offers plenty of features, but some features are only available in the paid pro version.

3) Pootle Page Builder



Pootle is relatively new, but it’s got a lot of promise. The drag and drop page builder offers quite a bit of flexibility and customization options. The ability to add custom background images or videos (including Parallax) is one feature that makes Pootle stand out. The plugin claims to make designing WordPress sites fun, and this fun attitude is shown in the logo and tagline. The tagline reads “taming WordPress” but before WordPress, the word monsters is crossed out. This along with the logo of a smiling big monster holding hands with a little kid in a tiger costume really captures that fun attitude that infuses this plugin. The free version offers plenty, but there is also a paid pro version with some additional features.

4) Forge Front End Page Builder


Forge is another relatively new but promising drag and drop page builder plugin. What makes Forge stand out is that all the work is done on the front end of the website. When you’re working right on the front end of your website and can see changes made in real time, it’s easy to see instantly if you like the look. All layouts are responsive, and Forge works with the majority of WordPress themes. A nice feature is the import/export tool, which lets you migrate content between pages and even websites. There is a pro version with some additional features as well.

5) Live Composer


Live Composer is an open source plugin that is regularly updated by its team of devoted developers. This plugin is another one where you do all the work on the front end of your website. This plugin only comes in the free version, so there’s no upsell to access the best features. Even though it’s free, the plugin still comes with free one-to-one email support. The plugin is easy to use even for beginners, but the bonus of free personalized support is a great safety net for anyone worried about potential difficulty.

6) Wishpond Landing Pages Builder


Wishpond’s addition to the drag and drop page builder space is relatively new and is so far not nearly as highly ranked as other page builder plugins, but they do offer some unique features that make them worth considering. This plugin is specifically designed to create landing pages primarily for lead generation purposes. If you’re looking for a drag and drop page builder specifically to create a landing page and/or a form to gather email addresses or other information, this plugin is worth a look. This plugin is free, but only until you hit 200 leads, after which there is a monthly fee for continued use.

7) WooRockets Page Builder


This page builder by offers easy to use drag and drop functionality. For the code savvy user, the entire source code for this plugin is available on GitHub, which might make this plugin stand out for some. This plugin will work with most themes, but it might work best for WooCommerce themes like WooRocket’s new Nitro.

8) Unyson


With a steadily growing number of active users and a strong star rating, ThemeFuse’s Unyson is a strong contender in the drag and drop page builder category. Its many built-in extensions are what really makes this plugin stand out. Without the need for additional plugins, there is a calendar feature, excellent SEO functionality, and more.

9) King Composer


King Composer is a free back-end drag and drop page builder, with a front-end editor and additional features available in the paid pro version. This plugin has numerous tutorial articles and videos, making the plugin even easier to use than it already is. This plugin is pretty new to the scene, but so far the reviews are very positive.

With any of these options, you can quickly and easily design a beautiful WordPress site. While all of these plugins offer easy to use drag and drop functionality, some of them have unique features that may be more suited to certain websites. No matter which plugin you use, though, it’s very likely that once you experience the ease of use of a drag and drop design system, you’ll never want to go back. When you see how great your site looks and how well it functions, you’ll be a devoted drag and drop user for life.

The total cost of purchasing a printer is not just the price you buy it for. A huge amount of money is spent later on for buying ink cartridges every time your printer’s ink runs out. As printer ink is probably one of the most expensive liquids, it makes sense to use it in moderation. Let us take a look at seven tips to save money on your printer ink by making the ink cartridge last longer:

1. Print in Draft Mode

When you are printing something for your personal use, make sure that you set the printer to draft or fast mode. Obviously, the print quality will not be exquisite but it will surely be good enough. The text and images will be reasonably clear and understandable. What’s important is that a lot of ink will be saved.

2. Make Use of Print Preview Effectively

Print Preview, as the name suggests, shows you the preview of the document you are about to print. It will let you select important pages that you really need to print and discard unnecessary pages. This will surely help you cut down on ink usage and thereby, save money.

3. Print Text in Black Ink Only

If you are printing text and if your printer has the option of greyscale printing using black ink only, make sure you select it. If you choose to print black with the coloured ink, different colours will be mixed to produce black ink and this will evacuate the cartridge much earlier. If you do not need quality print, black ink will do just fine.


4. Make Sure You Use All the Ink In the Cartridge

Do not stop printing when you receive a warning light indicating that your ink is low. If there is any ink left in the cartridge, make sure you do not refill it. Even with the warning sign, it is very likely that there is quite a bit left. Also, look for any ink clogs and if there are any, make sure you clean them properly. However, never print when the cartridge is empty as it may cause damage to you printer.

5. Use the Right Font

It may be hard to believe but some fonts take up much more ink than others. For example, simple fonts such as Times New Roman and Garamond use far less ink than some fancy fonts, such as Comic Sans and Verdana. Make sure you use the right font to save some precious ink. And here’s the list of fonts which will save you more ink:


Source: BBC


6. Select the Web Page’s Own Print Option

When you are printing from a web page, your printer will print everything that’s on it, including logos, graphics and advertisements. Imagine the waste of ink if you just wanted the text in the middle of the web page! Fortunately, many websites have a print-friendly option that opens a new page with just the text in black. This will not only save your ink but also your printing paper.


7. Use Coupon Codes

Probably the most obvious one compared to other tips. There are online stores which only sell printer inks and toner cartridges and these stores regularly share coupon codes for existing and new customers. Check the following links to find coupons of stores listed on our website:

  1. coupons
  2. 4inkjets coupons
  3. 123inkjets coupons

For other online stores, make sure you search for coupon codes on Google for the website you buy inks from. Then apply the code at checkout to save some percentage off.

That’s all. Hope you find this article useful. We will be sharing more articles focusing on tips for startups soon, stay tuned!

The speed of your website is going to be critical to the overall success of your site. Customers do not want to have to wait for pages and graphics to load today. There is so much competition out there today for every customer that when someone comes upon a site that is slow to load and operate they quickly become frustrated and will move on to another site offering similar products and services, likely never to return to your site again due to bad user experience. Quality speed is going to help you create greater web traffic, have stronger conversion rates and customer retention and provide users with a greater experience. All of this will help enhance the overall SEO of your site, giving you better rankings with search engines and boosting your visibility even more. To find out what the speed of your site is like, you should make use of one of these top seven free website speed test tools, listed in no particular order:

Google Webpage Speed Insights
Google webpage Speed Insights provides you with easy to read and understand information about your site so you can see where your optimization excels and where it needs help. You get a simple grade on a scale of 1 to 100 with the higher the number the better your score. The tools provide you with recommendations on where you can improve and what you can do to help your site.


gtmetrixGTMetrix GTMetrix offers you all the details you want regarding site speed and the loading ability of your pages. Your site gets graded on a scale of A to F and there are great breakdowns of details that allow you to check how locations load in different browsers, with different connection types and many more details so you can see just where you may need some help.



webpagetestWebPageTest.orgYou can get great capability with WebPageTest. It allows you to test over 40 locations and with over 25 different browsers, including mobile browsers, an aspect that is very important to you today in this mobile search world. There are some advanced features you will like and you can get complete breakdowns and graphs so you can see all of the details clearly.



pingdomPingdom One of the best-known among the speed test tools, Pingdom gives detailed analysis in several areas of your site so you can get information that other tools may not provide you, such as size per domain, what content has the most requests and much more.



dareboostDareBoost DareBoost is one of the newer tools you will find and it provides you with over one hundred different points of analysis when looking at the speed of your site. You can then export your report to a PDF file and the report provides you with analysis and recommendations of speed, SEO, accessibility and more.



sucuriSucuri Load Time Tester An easy and quick testing tool, Sucuri lets you test your locations from around the world in a flash. You get your performance grade and load time and the time for the all-important first byte so you can see how long it takes content to get from your site to the browser.



pagelocityPagelocity Pagelocity grades your site on a combination of speed, SEO, code, resources and more so you can see what is working well for your site and what needs help. You can also track your competitors with the tool so you can see where you need to improve and against whom.



Making use of a website speed tool is very important for you and your website. You want to be able to gauge your overall performance so you can see where you may need to make improvements and changes to make the site experience better for users and potential customers. Regular testing can help you to stay ahead of the competition. Find the tool has the features and reporting to help you the most so you can see what areas to fix so your site can continue to grow.

You have gone through all of the hours needed to set up a quality website, so you want to be sure you do all that you can to keep it running all of the time. This is particularly important for your business site since many websites today are under constant threat of attack from hackers. You want to make sure you have a DNS provider to host your site that does everything to give you the best service and keep your site running. DNS, which stands for Domain Name System, is the service that translates the name of your website into an IP address. If you want to learn more about what DNS is and how DNS works, please watch the video below:

DNS is, as already stated in the video above, how your site is identified and recognized on the server. A good host is going to provide you with multiple, dynamic DNS as a form of redundancy and security so you can be sure your site information is up and available. Here are the top 10 free dynamic DNS providers you can find today, in no particular order:

1. CloudflareKnown as one of the largest free hosting providers for DNS, Cloudflare is actually a managed DNS host provider so you may not necessarily have a great deal of control, but they provide you with everything you need in terms blocking and filtering and offer speed that is better than many of the premium providers today.

2. FreeDNS As the name implies, you get free DNS and dynamic hosting, along with domain hosting and static hosting. With over ten years in the business, they have the name and reputation many people turn to.

3. Rackspace Current customers of Rackspace get free DNS management and hosting and many great features you want from a provider, including flexible access thanks to their cloud control panel and load balancing

4. NS1 Known for having some of the fastest speeds available of any DNS provider, NS1 also offers you customization of your DNS thanks to a strong filtering system and real-time data from your site so you manage things efficiently.

5. Hurricane Electric Internet Services Hurricane offers users a 100% free DNS service and has great connectivity from anywhere in the world. They have a very strong and sold network, making them a top DNS provider.

6. GeoScaling For managed DNS services with some unique features, GeoScaling can be a great choice. You can create all kinds of custom features for your site and get quality uptime and dynamic DNS support.

7. ClouDNS ClouDNS offers free and premium services so you can get use of DDoS protected servers for your site and great features to enhance your site’s capability.

8. Rage4 Users love Rage4 for its great failover support and features like geo routing to enhance your experience.

9. Namecheap You can get the free hosting you want with a dynamic DNS from Namecheap. They are well known for their domain name registration services, but can be the ideal backup for your primary DNS. You can find Namecheap coupons if you want to go with their premium DNS service.

10. Dynu With nearly twenty years in the business, Dynu offers free dynamic DNS service so you can get everything you need to protect and run your site, including 4 domains and subdomains.

Aside from free dynamic DNS hosting providers, offers 25% off on premium DNS hosting solutions with an exclusive Dyn coupon specially defined for visitors.

We have been asked some questions about what is a domain name, how to buy a domain name and how to make your website accessible on the internet and we prepared this simple guide that will help you understand the process of owning a domain name and some other essential details.

What is a Domain Name?

what-is-a-domain-nameIf you are thinking of building a website to showcase your business and its products or simply want to set up a personal website or blog, the first thing that you will need to do is think about a name for the website. Most people start by creating a brand name for their product or site. A brand name is one of the ways of identifying a website and attracting visitors to it.

A domain name, unlike a brand name, is a unique name that links to the website and acts as an address that enables visitors to access it – by connecting to the relevant IP (Internet Protocol) address. Because IP addresses are a series of numbers, it is much easier for internet users to connect to a site by using its domain name than the IP address.

Most people who want a website will want to find a domain name that is the same as or closely associated with its brand name. Only one person can register a particular domain name and many of the most popular names have already been taken. However, there is still an almost endless number of domain names that could still be registered by a new owner.

How do I Buy a Domain Name?

The easiest way to buy a domain name is through one of the many domain name registrars such as Godaddy. The process is very straightforward and the domain name registrar’s website will generally provide a step-by-step guide to assist even the least savvy of internet users to buy a domain name. For instance, Godaddy’s site offers a quick and easy search engine to allow you to find out whether the domain name that you want is available.


You will be provided with options as to the different extensions that are available, such as .com, .net, .org and .info and it is then simply a matter of choosing the name or names that are available, adding them to your shopping basket and entering your purchase details. Once the domain name is registered in your name it belongs to you and nobody else will be able to use it unless your registration expires or you agree to transfer it to someone else.

Do I Need a Web Hosting?

Buying a domain name is only the first step in the process of putting your website online. Once the domain name has been registered it will be necessary to find someone to design and build the website and then to find a web host. Web hosting is the way that your website is made visible online.

Many domain name registrars also offer website building and hosting packages and are willing to discount the cost of the domain name and/or their hosting services if you access one or more of these additional resources through them. For instance, Godaddy is presently offering a coupon code that provides a website builder package that includes 20 different site themes with a free domain name and email account for only $1.00 per month. Alternatively, for those who only want to buy a domain name, another Godaddy coupon is offering domain registration for only $0.99! Similarly, there is an ongoing $1.00 per month web hosting and a free domain name promotion at 1&1 as well.


Although buying a domain name may seem daunting, as long as you go to one of the reputable domain name registrars such as Godaddy,, Network Solutions and some others that are listed on our home page, you can be sure that you will be able to securely register a unique domain name for your website and access all of the additional services that are needed to build the site and get it online quickly.

By default, Heroku apps have a Heroku domain name, and it is always desirable to have your app with a unique domain name. Purchasing a domain name and then pointing it to Heroku app solves the issue.


Setting Up Heroku and Godaddy

The first step is adding the GoDaddy domain to the Heroku app. Navigate to the project folder from the terminal then type “heroku domains:add”. The domain name is the one purchased from GoDaddy.

Next, log into your GoDaddy account and find the domains area in the upper left navigation tab. The domains tab will allow you to choose a domain then launch. Doing this redirects to the domain details page.

The domains details page will show the DNS files related to the domain name. Click on the “DNS Zone File” tab and remove all records leaving only the NameServers.

The next step is adding “www” CNAME record that will point to the Heroku app domain. Change ‘Host’ to www and “Point to” the Heroku app domain. The Heroku app domain is something like ‘’.

The DNS will then take some time to propagate. DNS propagation time varies and may take less than ten minutes or even a day. Once the DNS propagation is complete, the Heroku app will be accessible under the GoDaddy domain.

Configuring Naked Domain

This section explains how to configure the domain name to work without www in front of the domain name. When a person accesses the domain by typing ‘’ instead of “” they should be redirected to the same domain with www. The naked domain ‘’ is forwarded to “”.

Assuming you are on the domains page, locate the “Settings” tab and click on it. Four section will appear. Click “Manage” right under “Domain” in the “Forwarding” section to open a window to add forwarding details.

Click “Add Forwarding” to add the forward details. Set “Forward to” to your domain name, which in this example is “”. Set “Redirect type” to “301 (Permanent)” and “Forward settings” to “Forward only”.

The final step is ensuring that the “Update my Nameservers and DNS settings to support this change. (Recommended)” is enabled to update the settings. Once DNS propagation is complete, the redirection will take effect.


With all the above steps followed, the Heroku app should be accessible using the domain purchased from GoDaddy. The naked domain will be redirected to your domain.

Starting up a company can be hectic and often cumbersome. However you might be compelled to solely launch that profitable idea so that you may in total control of the company. This mentality nonetheless would be the reason that you do transform that genius idea into that profitable company. For many reasons that makes it a necessity for you have that co-founder that will assist you transform that idea into a company with his or her experience and knowledge. Some other seasons such as; sharing of the work load, stress distribution, splitting of the expenses and sharing of risks are just a few of the overwhelming aspects of starting up a company that cannot be handled by a solo individual. Starting up a profit making company is a complex issue that requires proper planning and strategy, so that an inventor for instance might not know the business aspect that would enable him or her profit from their product. A co-founder with a business set of skills that would be a viable consideration in assisting in the marketing of that invention. This therefore integrates the diverse skill sets to come up with the ultimate gain. Even decision making is a challenge if your doing it alone. Having someone with a shared understanding enables you to argue out you options to acquire a rather perfect solution that would not be achieved by a solo decision making individual whose judgement might be clouded. It is therefore due to these reasons that the following six websites would be viable in assisting you find the perfect co-founder that will transform that idea of yours into a profit making company.

Co-Founders Lab

cofounderslabJust as the name describes, this website is directly and solely involved in connecting founders with appropriate co-founders of choice. Looking at the website its layout is quite efficient in performing this task. The website exhibits profiles of different founders from different fields, their types of industries and the field from which they’d require there co-founder should be specialized in. It also has a search option in case your options are not on the shown pages. It also has a tab that shows the recent matches between founders and co-founders, which shows that the website actually has meritable progress.


founder2beAnother founder co-founder link up website with yet a different approach towards its initiative. This websites is designed to stretch to a wider range of potential founders due to its social media links such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The website’s layout exhibits different links depending on where a potential founder would like to start up from, which range to co-founder’s skill set to financial capability, depending on what the founder might be in lack of. It also has signing up options, as well as a wide media liking as exhibited on its first up page.

Founder Dating

founderdating“We make it easier to find co-founders and advisers” those are the first words placed on the websites layout. A description of what the website has to offer for searching founders. Unlike the two preceding websites offers link ups not only to co-founders but also entrepreneurs and advisers, which are categories that have online links posted on the website. This website is however also efficient due to co-founder profiles that shows details of potential co-founders and their recent achievements in there respective fields.

Founders Nation

foundersnationThis websites is more of a active profiling website similar to the first. Here founders post there founding ideas in more detailed manner. Here interested co-founders contact the founders to match up to build up on the ideas.


Code Army

codearmyThis website describes the code army as an online start up accelerator helping people from technical grounds. It is quite vast, the website itself given that unlike the other websites the code army takes up the burden of choosing the co-founder for the founder. In its self description it lays out that the founder pitches the idea they code army picks a match and from their the idea is built on. The website has a wide social media connection which ranges from twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Startup Matcher

startupmatcherThis website is more inclined towards entrepreneurship as would be observed by the entrepreneur liking advertising on the websites layout, for example “loved by 1500 entrepreneurs. However the website is quite developed since it has an app, something those other websites don’t. It describes itself to be sent for job-seekers, investors and startups, all these could be manipulated by a founder to pull a suitable co-founder. It is all about utilizing of available resources.

Seeing all these potential co-founder source sites it is evident that a co-founder for the startup company that you have an idea of is probably the reason why you haven’t launched that idea yet into that dream company. These websites are also evidence that co-founders are efficient for transformation of ideas as the beneficiaries of these websites would attest to.

The announcement of new generic top-level domain names excited many domain investors and webmasters since they offered a chance to register exact match business and sector focused domain extensions, such as .market,.dentist,.actor and many others, when they first released. However a few was able to register valuable domain names that worth thousands of dollars. The infographic that we designed and shared below shares the lists of the biggest selling new gTLD extensions and top 10 gTLD domain name sales of 2015.


expired-domainsAn expired domain is a domain name which was not renewed by its registrar. Once a domain expires, it becomes available for registration again. The owner is left with an option to renew or sell, if not acted upon it expires and goes up for new registration. For some people, these domains have little value but to those who know about SEO, expired domains have value over newly registered domains. Because some of expired domains may have backlinks from high authority websites and even they may have content that you can scrape from Google and caches. As result, you can revive a website simply by paying $10.

Purchasing an expired domain is not as easy as registering for a new one. You can acquire an expired domain by browsing through certain websites which aggregates domains which are about to expire or up for auction.

Below is a list of reliable websites where you can find and buy expired domains.

1) Godaddy (Godaddy Auctions)

This is the most prominent website when it comes to finding the right domain for you. Godaddy is a trusted domain provider because they have the world’s largest registrar. To date, GoDaddy has more than 13 million customers around the world and the count goes on. Before you register a domain name at Godaddy, make sure you visit our Godaddy promo codes page.

2) DomCop

DomCop provides a hassle-free expired domain search. If you want to save time looking for and/or buying cheap domains that are about to expire, already expired or deleted complete with great metrics, DomCop is the right place. It process around 10 million expiring domain names each month.

3) Dropping classifies domain buyers: domain investors, SEO/SEM experts or website owner. This site finds expiring, auctioning and available domain names that have value to domain investors, web site owners and SEO/SEM marketers.

4) Expireddomains

This website provides free service on information about expired domains and their relevant SEO data. You can just simply look through thousands of expired domain names that are dropped everyday and you can pick what you like. The best thing about this service is you don’t need to sign-up or register for the site to be able to use its services.

5) Name

Highly reputed website that offers expired domains search. This site has a simple easy to use feel to it, all you have to do is register and then you can buy a domain easily with its easy checkout process. Domains can be bought for as low as $10.99.

6) NameJet

Whether you are seeking for domain names for development or investment, NameJet provides a wide selection of top desired expired domain names. NameJet has access to expired .org, .biz, .com, .net, and .info top-level domains.

7) FreshDrop

This site provides easy search filters and search options like TLDS (.com, .ch, .es, .org, .br), by category, page rank or domain age. Easy to use, you simply specify what you are looking for then you are provided with a list of domains matching your search filter.

8) Moonsy

Whether you’re a web logger or a site owner, experienced and inexperienced alike, has the best offer for everyone–non-biased service. It offers an intensive list of expired domains with Page rank details, domain age, traffic, etc. It also offers great website components, and it’s free!

9) Valuedrops is a website that identifies the most valuable domains that are about to expire. Every day, 60,000+ domains are being dropped without anyone noticing it. This site uses a comprehensive algorithm to go through a huge list of domains; identifying domains that have high quality.

10) Dynadot

Want to buy and sell domains with ease? Dynadot is right for you. This site has auctions on expired domain names.

11) Namepal

Namepal is a domains auction that lists expired domains for sale. The domains can be bought at a low cost starting from $10-above. It provides maximum features and helps you save big over other registrars.

12) Stuck Domains

More of an expired domains search engine, this website provides free access to search for expired domains with its simple search tool where you can specify parameters.

13) NamePros is a discussion forum for buying and selling of domain names (including expired domains for as low as $3).

14) Network Solutions

This site provides a list of domains that are about to expire, or already expired.

15) 1Expired lets you search and monitor expiring domains. It’s easy to use, fast and convenient. Member benefits include: real-time updates of expired or soon-to-expire domains, check for Alexa ranking, search and monitor expired domains.

16) DropCatch

Thousands of expiring domain names becomes available every day. If you want to acquire great domain names, DropCatch is what you’re looking for.

Website creation has become easy as your ABC. With the help of WordPress assortment of creative and easy-to-install themes, you can now set up any type of website you want in a matter of minutes. These custom WordPress job board themes are also optimized for compatibility on different web browsers (called cross-browser compability), and on mobile devices (called cross-platform compability), for ease of access. In addition, these WordPress job themes are effortlessly customizable and provide a modern-day, user-friendly interface. We have list the best WordPress premium job board themes below, please note that these themes are premium themes which cost a fee and available through, the marketplace where you can get support and free updates for your themes.

1. Workscout – Live Demo


Workscout is a fully functional job board WordPress theme perfect for recruiters and employment agencies. It has a reputation for its simple yet elegant and professional-looking layout. The theme has easily customizable features and drag and drop page builder that lets you create page layouts in minutes. Workscout’s design is responsive and Retina ready.
Other features include:

  • Advanced search – allows candidates to filter and find relevant jobs
  • Resume submission – allows candidates to upload their resume.
  • Salary/Rate filters are exclusive to WorkScout–not found in any other job board theme.

2. Jobmonster – Live Demo


Crafted with a deep understanding of the business, Jobmonster provides the perfect platform for linking employers to prospective employees; allowing candidates to apply for jobs in various flexible ways, either by uploading a CV, choosing their online resume or apply via LinkedIn. Own this theme and you can gain access to this theme’s stunningly well-coded and aesthetically refined design. It provides you with a choice of 2, equally easy to use, home page variations: Search by Job, Search on Map. It’s guaranteed to work without any requisite add-on. A progression leaps and bounds ahead of other themes.

3. WP Jobus – Live Demo

WP Jobus
In a nutshell, WP Jobus theme has 3 different functionalities. You can use it to make a Job Portal website, Personal Resume website or a Company Profile website; talk about the power of three at the price of one. Additionally, it works as a standalone theme which means it doesn’t need other 3rd party plugins to work. Grab this theme and you are licensed to use this on your next project. It has a responsive design, utilization of 650+ Google fonts, 480+ icons library, a multi-language feature, packed with cool animation, Retina ready.

4. Jobseek – Live Demo

Jobseek’s functionality is based on several plugins. But you need not worry, most of them are free; other plugins you may need to buy but the best part for this theme is that it already includes over $70 worth of premium plugins from CodeCanyon. Now that’s getting more than what you paid for.
Other included plugins: Mailchimp widget, contact form 7, slider revolution and a lot more!

5. Jobify – Live Demo

Regarded as the most popular, and the best theme for creating a Job listings website. It lets you create a community of prospective employees and employers. Once purchased, you gain full control over your website’s design; customization of logo, background and text color. The possibilities are endless.

6. JobBoard – Live Demo

JobBoard (1)

This WordPress theme which lets you easily create a job listing, job directory, job marketplace, resume listing, resume directory, and resume marketplace websites. It has a clean and simple design with great premium features. The theme includes a Slider Revolution plugin (worth $19), custom shortcodes, widgets and 12+ Page templates to choose from.

7. Nine to Five – Live Demo

9 to 5

Clean and simple job theme. Nine to Five is only available at This gets you an access to 50 powerful customization options. The design is sleek, responsive, user-friendly, and optimizable for iPhone and iPod. You also have the ability to pick color schemes that suits your preference.

8. Petsitter – Live Demo

Petsitter (1)

Winner of Envato’s Micro Niche “Most Wanted” Contest, PetSitter allows you to create websites for pet related jobs or maybe even for a blog about pets in general. It comes with a wide array of post formats for your blog contents. But don’t limit this theme’s capability towards pet jobs, for it can be customized to suit your preference. This theme includesboxed & full width layouts, 40+ shortcodes (with shortcode generator), 600+ usable Google fonts, unlimited color, and one of the greatest options panel–Redux Theme Options.

9. Babysitter – Live Demo

A suitable theme for job listing site for babysitters and nannies, parents, mom’s blog or other baby-oriented websites. Made by the creator of Petsitter theme, this theme isn’t only restricted to baby-related sites because you can create just about any job board site. Basically has the same features as Petsitter.

10. Careers – Live Demo

This theme, is a simple Job Board theme ideal for creating job listings, candidate listings, classified job post and candidate resume builder site. With 500+ usable Google fonts, Google Map support, and provides Front-End user page for both candidates and recruiters.

11. Jobera – Live Demo

Jobera ensures that your site will look amazing even for the most demanding customers. It lets you design your website in responsive ways; optimizing for mobile and tablet. And thanks to its intuitive drag and drop page builder you can create page layouts in minutes. Each job listing has a built-in “Apply” button so jobseekers can instantly send their resume to the employer. An added bonus: Unlimited home page variations.

12. Business in Our Town – Live Demo

Job board creation has never been easy with the use of this multipurpose WordPress theme. Create a job listing in minutes add as many features as you want. You can also add business listing to widen your audience reach. This professional looking theme won’t fail you.

Domain registration is not a lifetime contract; you always have the liberty to switch to a better domain registrar if you’re not satisfied with your current one. There are several reasons why domain owners transfer to a new registrar: customer service quality, the convenience of having both the domain and hosting in one company and lastly, the most common reason of all: pricing. We don’t want to pay a lot of money when we can pay less for the same or better service right? So if you’re planning on transferring your domain name to another registrar, here’s what you’re going to do:

1. Ensure that you are able to do a transfer.

Your previous domain registration must be more than 60 days for you to be able to do a transfer. You have to wait some time if you recently did a domain transfer to a new registrar less than 60 days ago. Also, your domain must not be expired because there may be new and/or additional steps in transferring your domain name depending on your new registrar.

2. Back up your files.

Before you start your transfer, you need to back up all of your web files like your content, theme, database, and even the past versions of your site. This is just a precautionary measure in case something goes wrong with the transfer. There’s nothing better than being prepared right!

3. Unlock your domain name.

Your domain must be unlocked for transfer. You can contact your current registrar’s customer service support if you are unable to unlock your domain yourself.

4. Purchase your domain name transfer at the new registrar.

You can now purchase a transfer with the new registrar where you want to move your domain name. Some registrars may even allow you to keep the time remaining on your existing registration plus offer you a free transfer. Be sure to check 1&1 and Godaddy coupons to find the best domain name registration and transfer deals on our pages.

5. Request an Authorization Code from your current registrar.

Login to your current registrar account and obtain your Authorization Code. Authorization Code is also called your EPP code or “secret code”. It is a combination of numbers, letters and special characters made to prevent domain hijacking. Once requested, you will then receive an email from your current registrar with the authorization code.


6. Initiate the transfer towards your new registrar using the authorization code.

Login to your new registrar and begin the transfer process. Your status will show as “Authorization Required”. You will need to enter the authorization code you have just obtained and begin the transfer process. Once done, your new status will be “Pending Approval”.


7. Confirm transfer approval.

An email notification will be sent to you to confirm your domain name transfer request. Once confirmed, transfer will take effect within five to seven days.

By the way, if you have an email address with your previous domain registrar, that will stop working once transfer is complete. You can contact your email provider and new registrar to help you reconfigure your email. So there it is! Hope this article helped you a lot!

Fans of the award-winning cable television series Mad Men will certainly remember episodes when advertising executive Don Draper held focus groups to gauge the effectiveness of branding campaigns and solicit ideas from audiences who would be targeted with radio spots, TV commercials or magazine ads. During these focus group meetings, participants were often shown two distinct campaigns for the same product or service; the goal was to gauge their reaction to the ads.

Don Draper would also sometimes call on a marketing research expert to help him with the focus groups and gain valuable insight for the purpose of optimizing his campaigns and improving conversion rates for his clients. In other words, Don Draper was conducting A/B testing with focus groups as his platform.

These days, online marketers do not have to hold focus groups for the purpose of conducting A/B testing. The logistics are now provided through the eight online tools below, which can easily guide business owners and marketers through the A/B testing process so that they can improve their conversion rates through online campaigns and landing pages.

1 – Visual Website Optimizer

visual-website-optimizerThe most attractive feature of this Internet A/B testing tool is the highly visual user interface, which enables the creation of multiple web pages on the fly. Visual Website Optimizer works as a platform that makes it easy for users to upload web pages and make changes such as replacing headlines, moving buttons, adding paragraphs, switching fonts, etc. VWO provides a dashboard for users to review and compare results.

2 – Omniconvert

The growth marketing platform that empowers websites to do real-time personalization based on >40 data points, being used by more than 20k websites around the world. The company provides the platform to run in-depth customer satisfaction surveys, to persuade and personalize the visitors of any website in order to convert the traffic into sales and improve the UX.

3 – Unbounce 

unbounceWhat makes this A/B testing and online marketing tool unique is that it allows users to start from the very beginning. Unbounce provides a landing page maker complete with templates that have been designed specifically to encourage signing up, clicking through a shopping cart area, downloading an e-book, etc. From the Unbounce website, users can publish their multivariate creations and connect them to popular tools such as MailChimp and Salesforce.

4 – Optimizely

optimizelyA/B testing, adjusting, optimizing, tracking, and analytics are the main features of Optimizely, a platform that provides many valuable hints to users as they create their campaigns. Some of these hints prompt users to apply strategies such as audience discovery and behavioral marketing for the purpose of maximizing traffic and optimizing conversions.

5 – Maxymiser

maxymiserBusiness owners or brand developers looking for an A/B testing solution that is both powerful and sophisticated should note that Maxymiser is a tool powered by Oracle, and that it is rated very highly among online marketing professionals. The level of personalization and multivariate options is pretty high, and the case studies from clients such as Alaska Airlines, Lacoste and Carphone Warehouse are very impressive.

6 – Kameleoon 

kameleoonThe strength of Kameleoon, an esteemed European A/B testing platform that is available in various languages, is its attractive and easy-to-use interface. This data-driven online tool will be particularly appealing to marketers who enjoy digging into the metrics and analytics of A/B testing. The data architecture behind Kameleoon is very dynamic and applies advanced algorithms to ensure the maximum rates of conversion. Kameleoon is available in English, French, German, and Polish.

7 – Convert 

convertThis marketing tool is interesting insofar as its ability to show users how it works by simply entering a valid URL and reviewing the feedback. Convert is a visual creation tool that applies the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) concept of desktop publishing to A/B testing and advanced Internet marketing analytics. One of the highlights of Convert is that its testing mode goes beyond A/B; split-testing and e-commerce scenarios are also possible through the placement of a small piece of JavaScript code, which can be installed in a major content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.

8 – Adobe Target

adobe-targetThe prestige of the Adobe brand should be enough to convince online marketers to use Marketing Cloud, but there is a lot more to this A/B testing tool. With Adobe Target, the focus is on creation, automation and personalization. Among the many features of this online tool, business owners will likely appreciate the return on investment (ROI) calculator, which allows the creation of different scenarios that go beyond estimating conversion rates; this calculator allows users to get realistic ideas about how optimization can boost their bottom line.

9 – Change Again

changeagainA/B testing made easy: Change Again is a simple, yet very powerful, online marketing tool that features a very simple interface to set up campaigns. Users get to test, analyze and optimize their multivariate creations without restrictions, and the ability to apply different strategies can be tested in an online “idea lab” that is filled with hints and suggested techniques to optimize conversion rates. Change Again offers a free trial and different levels of billing.

By the way, if you are looking for some free stock photos that you can use while testing different web page variant, be sure to check our free stock photo sources list.

Don’t forget to share the list by using the buttons below and stay tuned for more articles like this one!

Featured image source: Wordstream

Get your business noticed by using free stock images. Startups must create engaging content that clearly communicates their messages. In the past, the high price of stock images meant start-ups either had to create their pictures or choose to create dull content. Now, you can download many high-quality stock images for free.

You will find ways to use images to create excitement on your websites, social media presences, multimedia presentations, reports and other materials. When you discover what you can get for free, you might wonder why you ever tried to create business content without images. The following 12 websites for free stock photos will get you started.

1. Stock Up


Stock up lets you search 26 high-quality sources for free images from a single search page. The website lists all participating sites, so you know the possible sources for your images. The simple form-based real-time search lets you enter keywords and watch results appear as you type. Click the images you like, read their licensing terms and then download them to your computer.

2. Pixabay


Pixabay hosts more than 470,000 free pictures, including vectors, art, and photos. You can use the stock content you download from Pixabay for online commercial use without worrying about attribution, copyright or other issues. To use the site, enter your search terms and browse for images that meet your needs.

3. Unsplash


Every ten days, this web site makes ten new photos available, so you always have reasons to return to it. You can join the website either by logging in with your Facebook credentials or by creating a new account. If you want, you can have the new images sent to your email address when they become available.

4. Little Visuals


Little Visuals has free images to download and a way to sign up to get seven free photos every week. Unfortunately, the founder of the website died, and the site does not seem to receive periodic updates.

5. New Old Stock


New Old Stock provides vintage photos from public sources so that you can have them free of any known restrictions. The unusual images you at New Old Stock create a blast from the past that your audience will love.

6. Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos you can download free images from Startup Stock Photos that have business overtones. The founders of the site were taking photos as part of their routine, and they decided to share their work with the world.

7. Refe


Free real life photos at Refe give you a chance to include practical, relevant images in your material. The site lets you browse pictures, but it doesn’t offer a search function.

8. Pexels


Pexels has a searchable repository of free stock images. The site adds ten high-quality images every day, so you always have new choices when you visit. The Creative Commons Zero License (CC0) applies, so you can download the photos for free, as long as you use them in a legal context.


9. Gratisography


Free images for personal and commercial use at Gratisography come sorted by topic in a browsable format. You can choose from subjects such as animals, nature, urban, whimsical and more. If you like the site, you can buy the owner coffee, but otherwise, you can download the images for free.

10.  Move East


A man from Portugal decided to make his images available for free under the Creative Commons Zero License (CC0), so you can benefit from his photographic skills and generosity.

11. The Travel Coffee Book


The Travel Coffee Book website shares travel moments with the online public. You can download free images from around the world for business use.

12. Barn Images


Sorted by 17 topics and even more tags, hundreds of free downloadable images at the Barn Images website give you a chance to add a unique flavor to your creative work. You can also sign up for their free mailing list to get fifty images via email.

We created this list of these twelve sources for free, high-quality photos, so your startup or existing business can save money without sacrificing flare. With a few mouse clicks and a little creativity, you can make attention-grabbing online content that will fuel your success. You can also find coupons for popular paid stock photo websites such as iStock, if you cannot find what you need on the list above.

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