10 Free Dynamic DNS Providers To Keep Your Website Up and Secure

You have gone through all of the hours needed to set up a quality website, so you want to be sure you do all that you can to keep it running all of the time. This is particularly important for your business site since many websites today are under constant threat of attack from hackers. You want to make sure you have a DNS provider to host your site that does everything to give you the best service and keep your site running. DNS, which stands for Domain Name System, is the service that translates the name of your website into an IP address. If you want to learn more about what DNS is and how DNS works, please watch the video below:

DNS is, as already stated in the video above, how your site is identified and recognized on the server. A good host is going to provide you with multiple, dynamic DNS as a form of redundancy and security so you can be sure your site information is up and available. Here are the top 10 free dynamic DNS providers you can find today, in no particular order:

1. CloudflareKnown as one of the largest free hosting providers for DNS, Cloudflare is actually a managed DNS host provider so you may not necessarily have a great deal of control, but they provide you with everything you need in terms blocking and filtering and offer speed that is better than many of the premium providers today.

2. FreeDNS As the name implies, you get free DNS and dynamic hosting, along with domain hosting and static hosting. With over ten years in the business, they have the name and reputation many people turn to.

3. Rackspace Current customers of Rackspace get free DNS management and hosting and many great features you want from a provider, including flexible access thanks to their cloud control panel and load balancing

4. NS1 Known for having some of the fastest speeds available of any DNS provider, NS1 also offers you customization of your DNS thanks to a strong filtering system and real-time data from your site so you manage things efficiently.

5. Hurricane Electric Internet Services Hurricane offers users a 100% free DNS service and has great connectivity from anywhere in the world. They have a very strong and sold network, making them a top DNS provider.

6. GeoScaling For managed DNS services with some unique features, GeoScaling can be a great choice. You can create all kinds of custom features for your site and get quality uptime and dynamic DNS support.

7. ClouDNS ClouDNS offers free and premium services so you can get use of DDoS protected servers for your site and great features to enhance your site’s capability.

8. Rage4 Users love Rage4 for its great failover support and features like geo routing to enhance your experience.

9. Namecheap You can get the free hosting you want with a dynamic DNS from Namecheap. They are well known for their domain name registration services, but can be the ideal backup for your primary DNS. You can find Namecheap coupons if you want to go with their premium DNS service.

10. Dynu With nearly twenty years in the business, Dynu offers free dynamic DNS service so you can get everything you need to protect and run your site, including 4 domains and subdomains.

Aside from free dynamic DNS hosting providers, Dyn.com offers 25% off on premium DNS hosting solutions with an exclusive Dyn coupon specially defined for DomainPromo.com visitors.

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