17 Places to Find Recently Expired Domain Names

An expired domain is a domain name which was not renewed by its registrar. Once a domain expires, it becomes available for registration again. The owner is left with an option to renew or sell, if not acted upon it expires and goes up for new registration. For some people, these domains have little value but to those who know about SEO, expired domains have value over newly registered domains. Because some of expired domains may have backlinks from high authority websites and even they may have content that you can scrape from Google and Archive.org caches. As result, you can revive a website simply by paying $10.

Purchasing an expired domain is not as easy as registering for a new one. You can acquire an expired domain by browsing through certain websites which aggregates domains which are about to expire or up for auction.

Below is a list of reliable websites where you can find and buy expired domains.

1) Godaddy (Godaddy Auctions)

This is the most prominent website when it comes to finding the right domain for you. Godaddy is a trusted domain provider because they have the world’s largest registrar. To date, GoDaddy has more than 13 million customers around the world and the count goes on. Before you register a domain name at Godaddy, make sure you visit our Godaddy promo codes page.

2) SERP.domains

SERP.domains is a brand among affiliate marketers, SEO agencies and individuals where you can find already pre-vetted and strong expired domains. Their domains inventory offers you the opportunity to buy aged and brandable domains powered by high-DR authority backlinks and traffic. Another big plus is that you can often find non-dropped domain types which are perfect in SEO terms for affiliate money sites and 301 redirects.

3) DomCop

DomCop provides a hassle-free expired domain search. If you want to save time looking for and/or buying cheap domains that are about to expire, already expired or deleted complete with great metrics, DomCop is the right place. It process around 10 million expiring domain names each month.

4) Dropping

Dropping.com classifies domain buyers: domain investors, SEO/SEM experts or website owner. This site finds expiring, auctioning and available domain names that have value to domain investors, web site owners and SEO/SEM marketers.

5) Expireddomains

This website provides free service on information about expired domains and their relevant SEO data. You can just simply look through thousands of expired domain names that are dropped everyday and you can pick what you like. The best thing about this service is you don’t need to sign-up or register for the site to be able to use its services.

6) Name

Highly reputed website that offers expired domains search. This site has a simple easy to use feel to it, all you have to do is register and then you can buy a domain easily with its easy checkout process. Domains can be bought for as low as $10.99.

7) NameJet

Whether you are seeking for domain names for development or investment, NameJet provides a wide selection of top desired expired domain names. NameJet has access to expired .org, .biz, .com, .net, and .info top-level domains.

8) FreshDrop

This site provides easy search filters and search options like TLDS (.com, .ch, .es, .org, .br), by category, page rank or domain age. Easy to use, you simply specify what you are looking for then you are provided with a list of domains matching your search filter.

9) Moonsy

Whether you’re a web logger or a site owner, experienced and inexperienced alike, Moonsy.com has the best offer for everyone–non-biased service. It offers an intensive list of expired domains with Page rank details, domain age, traffic, etc. It also offers great website components, and it’s free!

10) Valuedrops

Valudrops.com is a website that identifies the most valuable domains that are about to expire. Every day, 60,000+ domains are being dropped without anyone noticing it. This site uses a comprehensive algorithm to go through a huge list of domains; identifying domains that have high quality.

11) Resurrect Domains

This is an expired domain marketplace where you can buy handpicked high authority domains with achieve back-up.

12) Namepal

Namepal is a domains auction that lists expired domains for sale. The domains can be bought at a low cost starting from $10-above. It provides maximum features and helps you save big over other registrars.

13) Stuck Domains

More of an expired domains search engine, this website provides free access to search for expired domains with its simple search tool where you can specify parameters.

14) NamePros

NamePros.com is a discussion forum for buying and selling of domain names (including expired domains for as low as $3).

15) Network Solutions

This site provides a list of domains that are about to expire, or already expired.

16) 1Expired

1expired.com lets you search and monitor expiring domains. It’s easy to use, fast and convenient. Member benefits include: real-time updates of expired or soon-to-expire domains, check for Alexa ranking, search and monitor expired domains.

17) DropCatch

Thousands of expiring domain names becomes available every day. If you want to acquire great domain names, DropCatch is what you’re looking for.

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