10 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers

Once you start trading in cryptocurrencies, you might find it quite addictive. But when you have a lot of different currencies on the go, monitoring your currency and tokens across different exchanges in real-time becomes important.

This is where cryptocurrency portfolio trackers come in. These sophisticated apps allow you to view your assets in different wallets and on exchanges so that you can monitor your currency in one place and get a good overview of your investments.

Today there are over 200 different cryptocurrency portfolio trackers available. But we think that these ten are the best.


Easily sync your cryptocurrency investment with the Accointing app using APIs, available for most of the major wallets and exchanges, and manual entry to keep track of the value of your investment. The app can even create a tax report when needed.

At the same time, watch the market life with the ability to customize your home screen to feed you data about the coins that you are most interested in. Dig down into data with lots of available filters based on supply, market volume, circulating supply, and historical data.

Active Portfolio with Alerts

One of the older and most powerful portfolio trackers on the market, this app is ideal for monitoring your stick, options, mutual fund, and cryptocurrency, all in one place.

You can set up multiple portfolios, sync via API with most wallets and exchanges, and produce instant reports on your investment. You can also set up custom push notification to alert you to value, gains, and losses.

The app provides you with a lot of news and research, but also facilitates your own investment acumen, giving you space to store your own notes and insights.


Designed to be approachable for first-time Bitcoiners without compromising on functionality. You can sync your Bitcoin investments with the ap either manually or via API and receive real-time updates on your investment.

BitScreener also provides comprehensive information on over 2,000 different coins based on hundreds of different market criteria, giving you a good basis for making your investment decisions.


BitWorth stands out as in addition to seeing your cryptocurrency investments, it give you an estimate of your holdings in a chosen fiat currency, letting you see their value in hard dollars.

There is good market comparison functionality, which lets you search more than 2,400 coins across 80 exchanges. There is also a relevant news feed and pricing alerts to further guide investment.


Blockfolio has a pool of 5 million users using their mobile portfolio app for Android and iOS. The app can track 8,000 currencies across 300 different exchanges. The interface is clear and easy to use, and there is a news aggregator that feeds you the most important news related to your currencies.

You can set price-based alerts so that you never miss an opportunity, and you also get regular updates from the programmers (though this may not appeal to everyone).


Track your trading, mining, and wallet in one place, or create multiple portfolios to manage different investments with this flexible app.

This is matched with sophisticated real-time price tracking with advanced graphing and data analysis to help you understand the market. Or benefit from the experience of pro investors and understand their investment strategies.


Available for Android, iOS, and Web, it covers 5,000 different digital coins over 250 exchanges. It has automated exchange portfolio import functionality that means it is incredibly easy to set up. It also has a news aggregator, so you can keep up to date with what is happening with the coin that you are most interested in.

There is a free version, and a pro version for just $5 a month or $40 a year. It includes additional features such as more detailed analytics, prioritized support, and order fill notifications.


This web and mobile portfolio tracker can follow 2,200 coins from 20 different exchanges. You can also connect with a variety of wallets. The coin charting functionality is relatively limited within this app, and there is no smart news feed like some of the other options.

But it has the major benefit of providing automated tax form, which will appeal to US tax residents.


A mobile first portfolio, available for iOS and Android, it is actually pitched as a cryptocurrency news aggregator first, and a portfolio manager second. This does mean that some of the charting abilities are more limited than in other options.

Pay $99 per year for the pro version and you can personalise your news feed to prioritize what you are interested in, and get instant coin alerts when prices rise or drop.


One of the best-known portfolio apps, it is available for Android, iOS, and Web. It tracks more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies on more than 300 different exchanges. The API connection functionality is good, and the interface is clean and intuitive.  You can also set up multiple portfolios if desired.

There is a free version and a pro version, which costs between $60-80 per year. This allows you to connect to an unlimited number of exchanges and supports live prices.

The Verdict

The best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for you depends on what you are doing. How many currencies are you investing in and on how many exchanges? What is you level or experience and your investment strategy? Do you base your purchasing on news, social opinion, or trends?

Whatever your needs and approach, you are sure to find an appropriate option on the list above.

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