20 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes of the Year

Minimalist designs are great for so many reasons. First off and most importantly, your website looks clean and less cluttered. A clean website is great because, with one, your site visitors are generally more impressed. They can also focus more on your content, instead of getting distracted by unnecessary designs.

Finding the perfect minimalist theme for your WordPress theme could be quite difficult. Why? A lot of themes have different features, and going through them all to find which suits you best is just stressful and time-wasting. For this reason, I have compiled 18 of the best minimalist WordPress themes and talked about each of them briefly, so you can find one perfect for you.

Here’s a list of the best minimalist WordPress themes available:


Divi is an all-purpose theme from Elegant Themes. For this reason, it makes it super easy to create minimalist designs to suit whatever purpose you have in mind. Apart from being able to create minimalist designs, Divi is also a very popular and well-established WordPress theme.

With Divi, you get a drag & drop builder which helps you edit elements directly on the front end of your website, great support, the ability to edit and see the results in real-time, and more than 40 website elements with over 800 pre-made designs. More importantly, developers can combine the visual design controls from Divi with any custom CSS of their choice.



Another really popular WordPress theme, Astra is also lightweight and really fast. Generally, the theme requires less than 50kb and can load in 0.5 seconds so you do not have to worry about it slowing down your website. Although it can cater to different needs, Astra also has some fantastic minimalist templates.

Astra gives you access to ready-to-use website demos with pixel-perfect from a library of templates, you can customize everything to suit your taste. With minimalist designs, an important factor is the colors and typography, and with Astra, you can customize this in multiple ways to get exactly what you want.



One thing you can be certain of with Elegant from Themify is more focus on your content. The theme is structured to ensure visitors on your website can focus on your images and text. This is achieved by focusing on typography and removing graphic effects or fancy animation. Naturally, this theme is great for editorial sites, designers, writers, and individual portfolios.

Apart from providing different ways to post your portfolio and theme, while still fixing focus on that main content, other features that make Elegant stand out. First of all, it is completely fluid, clean, and responsive. Furthermore, the Themify drag and drop design builder makes designing easy, and you can even use a special WooCommerce styling to create an elegant online shop.



Eclipse from WPZoom is a theme that prioritizes functionality for website designs, resorting to very simple and minimalist looks. Again, it is a great theme for photographers or perhaps, bloggers who want website visitors to focus on their content above anything else. Eclipse makes a great impact for this purpose.

Other features of Eclipse include an Instagram Widget, WooCommerce support when you install the plugin, and a visual customizer that can help you get the colors and styles which suit your brand. This theme is also compatible with Gutenberg and is multi-language ready.


Ocean WP

Ocean WP is a multipurpose theme with minimalist designs. Generally, there are three main users of Ocean WP; E-Commerce stores, Agencies, and Blogs. For all these, the theme provides over 130 demos and 19 extensions. Ocean WP is a solid choice for designers, developers, or store owners who do not want to be limited. With the free version, you get amazing value and the pro still manages to give more amazing features.

Ocean WP is also very fast and lightweight. It is one of the most Elementor compatible themes, with demos that can work with Elementor without modification. WooCommerce integration with your website while using Ocean WP is also completely seamless and free.



Hive is a theme best for online blogs, magazines, or journals. Generally, it has a magazine-style layout to help you show articles in different columns, however, you can always change how your posts look on the home page helping you share text, image, audio, or video files.

With a black and white timeless look, Hive is perfect as a lifestyle WordPress blog theme. Most importantly, it does not require you have any knowledge of coding, and you can make use of features like highlights, columns, and dropcaps to create a perfect blog. Hive also gives you amazing SEO Google rankings.



Adios is a theme specifically designed for artists, agencies, freelancers, and creatives. It is a minimalist theme that helps you showcase your work without having to worry that your potential customers might get distracted while on your website. Adios also provides portfolio websites for different niches which you can use.

Adios’ main benefit is that the theme is lightweight and very fast. However, it also has some other pretty interesting features like captivating site demos you can use to create very stylish websites, a drag-and-drop visual composer for easy customizing, and case study pages that can impress your clients.



With Kalium, you get power, functionality, and flexibility. With all the features you get from the theme, you can design any website you want. Most importantly, the theme showcases your work exactly how you want, enabling you to create your website and show your work how you want.

Kalium also provides different demos which can suit different businesses and purposes, a premium page builder to help you build in minutes, and SEO optimization with the latest technology. Kalium is also translated into different languages and is WPML compatible.



Typology from Meks is a theme many consider extremely minimalist. However, this does not mean it does not serve its purpose, or that it is not useful. As a matter of fact, some absolutely prefer Typology and it can as well suit your needs.

Typology helps you create a simple and clean blog where no images are required, purely text. Obviously, this is a style more suited to blogs or writers, and it ensures your readers can fully focus on your writing. Of course, as a result of this very minimal design, Typology is also very fast. However, you can still fully customize your home page, choose your style and typography with Typology.



Uniq is a special minimalist theme made specifically for creatives. Beyond that, the theme can also be used for different purposes with a lot of homepage demos and templates available to help you come up with what best suits you.

Of the six homepage high-quality demos available, Uniq also offers one-page styles in light and dark skins. Uniq also provides up to 19 different header styles, a demo importer which helps you customize by selecting whether to import all elements or just some, and multiple blogs, portfolio, and gallery layouts.



Gema is a personal blog theme designed to create more attention around your blog posts and keep website visitors focused on your content with elements like boxed headings, a visually attractive homepage display, and a masonry style display for articles.

With Gema, customization is easy and can be done with just a few clicks, the custom-made grid algorithm automatically adapts to your featured images and content, and with the Style Manager customization tool color palettes can be created and fine-tuned with just one click. Finally, Gema gives a special delicate hover effect which gives your audience a memorable reading experience.


Sixteen Nine

Sixteen Nine stands out as a minimalist theme that helps users give more personality to their website with a custom background function. The custom background function helps you create a specific background to reflect behind your articles since Sixteen Nine features a multi-column layout with sidebars.

A theme most suitable for websites and bloggers, Sixteen Nine also features different theme options to get up and running within a few minutes, a widget area you can customize to fit your brand, and a customizable header.



Arnold is the only theme with a custom portfolio builder, allowing you to display different pictures with different orientations that best suit the product. What’s more? This builder is drag and drop, so you do not need any coding knowledge and it is really easy to do.

A premium minimalist and modern flat design theme, Arnold is designed specially for professional creatives. The theme is also WooCommerce compatible, has a fully responsive layout, up to 8 different header layouts, and different options to display your portfolio like the number of columns, list width, title alignment, and more.



Oshine is not a WordPress theme specifically designed to be minimalist, however, with over 52 unique demos, anyone looking for a minimalist design would definitely find a few with Oshine. Trusted by over 25,000 customers, Oshine is designed to provide power and functionality.

With Oshine, you get Tatsu, a powerful frontend builder to customize fonts and styles, over 50 styling modules, different portfolio layouts, unique header slides, and Typehub which helps you take total control of your website’s typography. Generally, Oshine is a great choice for websites as it provides stunning sliders, carousels, and even password-protected galleries.



Zoli is a modern & minimal theme perfect for fashion e-commerce. Designed specifically for that purpose, it has every feature you need to take your fashion e-commerce business to the next level. From the homepages to even the shop & product pages, Zoli is a theme that makes e-commerce easier for the user.

Zoli offers 9 different homepage designs and over 19 shop & product pages for the user to select from. Each one is beautifully designed, and further customizable to suit specific needs. The interface is also responsive and retina friendly, it integrates with different premium plugins and a one-click import tool.



Savoy is a modern minimalist theme designed to help sellers put more site visitors focus purely on the product. The theme offers only one layout, a grid showcasing all your products. This way, your customers do not have to load different pages to view products.

Among Savoy’s features are a responsive layout, simple installation and one-click import, and touch-enabled sliders/galleries. Savoy is also optimized for speed and to boost SEO rankings, provides Elementor support, and is translation-ready.


Monochrome Pro

Monochrome Pro is perfect for those who prefer a lot of white spaces and elite typography with minimal design. The theme gives you a strong visual presence which can create an impression in the mind of your site visitors.

Monochrome Pro also gives an easy-to-use site, the ability to set up and customize your site in seconds with the new block editor, and a one-click theme setup with the ability to upload your logo to give the website a more personal feel. Monochrome Pro is also pre-styled for WooCommerce which makes it easier to make sales.


Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a multipurpose & modern WordPress theme that can be customized to suit any purpose. That way, you can customize it to suit your minimalist needs perfectly. Providing a stylish page that is suitable for any business and a great user experience.

With the customizer, you can take full control of your website. Hestia Pro is a flexible theme that works for simple or complex websites, depending on your need. The theme is also compatible with Elementor or any page builder of your choice.

I hope you have been able to find a theme that meets your needs!

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