DP-Crumbs: A Personal Blog Theme for WordPress

It’s been a while since I last released a WordPress theme. As you probably noticed, I like simple and minimal WordPress themes that focus on the purpose. Most themes available on ThemeForest and other marketplaces are “all-in-one” type of WordPress themes. They are bundled with lots of features that you may never use, yet loads in the background causing performance issues. That’s why, I prefer to use WordPress’ core features in order not to load too many extra resources when visitors browse a website that uses my themes.

DP-Crumbs was coded with the same vision. It’s a very simple and stylish WordPress theme that any blogger can use it without difficulty or effort. It’s a two columns theme with a list-style feed. I added menus to header and footer, also a sidebar that is widgetized, where you can show custom content to your visitors.

Single pages include a featured image below the title, content area that is optimized for readability and share buttons for Twitter and Facebook. I guess you don’t need other social media buttons as default. Too many buttons mean too much distraction, so I kept them simple and focused.

And after the content area you will a see “Related Articles” section and then comments. That’s all for the styling and features.

Here’s the preview image of DP-Crumbs.

You can of course view the live demo of DP-Crumbs to see how it looks on desktop and mobile by clicking the button below.

View DemoBuy it for $9

If you like this theme, and want to use it for your blog, you can own for only $9.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below if you’re having issues with this theme.

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