How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make & 5 Richest Twitch Streamers

At this point, Twitch is doing more numbers than a lot of traditional media outlets. A lot of these numbers went up this year with the pandemic causing a lot of people to stay home more. At the time of this writing, TwitchTracker reports an average of 2.5 million concurrent viewers on the service. In June 2020, the service peaked at just over 6 million viewers. With all these viewers, the streamers are definitely making a lot of money, right? Yes, they are and we are going to look at how much Twitch streamers make in this article.

If you are not familiar with Twitch, it is a live streaming service. Originally offering streamers an opportunity to live stream themselves while playing games, and helping other people complete these games, the site has now evolved beyond just that. Although, a lot of people are most familiar with it for its video games live streaming (which is still its most popular service). Twitch also has categories for music related streams for activities like music production or radio shows, Twitch also provides a creative category for artists and other creatives, and there is also an IRL category for thing s like lifelogs or just to chat with followers.

Although Twitch encourages all streamers to actually have a passion to share something, want connect with a community, and build a bran, Twitch is also a great way to earn some money. So how do Twitch streamers make money and how much do they make? It depends. How a Twitch streamer makes money depends on what the streamer is willing to do, and that in turn affects how much that streamer could make on the service. We’re going to look at what a Twitch streamer could do with their platform and how much money they could make from it.

How to Make Money on Twitch?

The Affiliate Program: Being a Twitch Affiliate is definitely one of the best ways to earn on the platform, however, to become an affiliate, a streamer has to meet certain requirements. Twitch Affiliates benefit from the program in three major ways:

Subscriptions: Twitch lets affiliates accept subscriptions to their channel from viewers. Subscriptions could cost $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 and are renewed monthly. Twitch then gives the affiliates 50% of all the subscription money generated by the partner’s channel.

Bits: Bits allow viewers to donate to a channel and cheer the steamer they are donating to. Bits are purchased with real money from Twitch, and the service then gives affiliates a percentage of the Bits used to cheer them.

Game Sales: For streamers who play games live on the service, playing games sold in the Twitch store could also earn them money. If a viewer purchases the game through their channel, they get a percentage from the sale.

The Partner Program: Being a Twitch Partner is an even better way to earn on the platform, however, a Twitch partnership is not for everyone. Only streamers who have shown themselves to be committed, have met certain requirements, and adhere to Twitch guidelines will get their applications to be partner approved. Twitch Partners also make money from subscriptions and bits, but where the major difference comes in is with ad revenues. As a Twitch Partner, the service pays a percentage of the money they generate by displaying adverts on your channel to you, these payments end up contributing up to 20% of a streamer’s total earnings. 

Other ways to make money on Twitch include:

General Donations: A lot of Twitch streamers make money by linking a payment account (like PayPal) to their accounts. This can easily be done by adding a donate button to the channel. The donate button allows users directly send streamers money.

Merchandise: A lot of streamers also make money by selling their own merchandise items, which they can then promote through their Twitch platform.

Brand Sponsorships and Endorsements: Remember when I told you Twitch is doing more numbers than some traditional media outlets? This means Twitch is a very good platform brands can use to advertise their products. A lot of brands do this. They partner with streamers who promote their products or services. The streamers then earn a percentage when someone purchases that product with their link, or uses their coupon code for a discount. Some streamers also earn money just by talking about the product or using it.  However, most brands only approach streamers that constantly have lots of viewers to help them promote their products.

Considering all these, a Twitch streamer who is live for more than 2000 hours in a year, could make as much as $260,000 in that year.

5 of the Richest Twitch Streamers

Now that we have seen how much money could with Twitch and how you could make that money, let’s take a look at 5 of the richest streamers and how much they make.

5. Tfue

Turner Teeny also known as Tfue has an estimated net worth of $5 million. But it is important to note that a substantial part of this money comes from his YouTube channel, and esports tournaments he has taken part in with his team, the FaZe clan. 

His Twitch channel has more than 9 million followers, averages 40,000 views on every stream, and is one of the most popular on Twitch. He also has more than 20,000 subscribers and is honestly, one of the best Fortnite players currently around. And although Tfue is a very controversial figure, he still gets his money. 

4. Syndicate

Syndicate (Tom Cassell) is one of the richest and most influential Twitch streamers, and even though he is not very active on the site anymore, we estimate his net worth is somewhere around $6 million. With 3 million followers on Twitch and more than 72 million video views, it is not difficult to see how he could have made all this money. With the third most popular channel on Twitch, he was also the first person to get a million followers. He now has a merchandise store where he sells hoodies for $60, but since 2013 Syndicate has been making money from endorsements and brand sponsorships. How do we know this? Because in that year, Microsoft paid him $30,000 just to promote the Xbox One console.

3. TimTheTatman


TimTheTatman or Timothy Betar has 6 million followers, more than 25,000 subscribers, and over 216 million video views. His net worth? More than $8 million. He prides himself on hosting one of the most interactive communities on Twitch, and although he mostly plays Fortnite and World of Warcraft, it is no surprise brands like Reese’s and Bud Light have worked with Timothy.

He began his streaming career in 2012, and recently signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch. He also set a record on Twitch by using his Twitch channel to raise charitable donations for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee by raising $106,000 in 4 hours. No wonder he won the 2018 Fan Favorite Male Streamer in the Gamer’s Choice Awards.

2. Shroud

Formerly a Pro-Gamer, Michael Grzesiek also known as Shroud is definitely one of the richest Twitch Streamers with an estimated net worth of $13 million. Shroud has more than 8 million followers, with 410 million video views and makes almost $250k per month. Shroud has worked with sponsors like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), and even has a clothing line with Jinx.

At The Game Awards in 2019, Shroud won the award for Content Creator of the Year which speaks to how good his streams are. And although Shroud left Twitch briefly to join Mixer after signing an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, after the service was shut down, he returned to Twitch and has announced he would now stream exclusively on Twitch. This means he has probably signed another new exclusivity deal with Twitch. 

1. Ninja

Tyler Blevins or Ninja is just 29 years old, and has already managed to be number one on the whole scene. Ninja has worked with Walmart, Red Bull, Adidas, Walmart, and appeared in a NFL commercial with TimTheTatman. His Twitch channel more than 16 million followers and more than 509 million views, no wonder EA paid him $1 million to promote a game, Apex Legends. Ninja also set a record in 2018 when he played with Juju Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott, and Drake while streaming. The stream gained him more than 650,000 concurrent views.

His net worth is currently around estimated $20 million, after signing a $20 million deal with Mixer to stream exclusively on their site. However, after Mixer was shut down, Ninja returned to Twitch. Rumours are that he has signed another exclusivity deal with Twitch, and although we cannot say exactly how much he would be getting from his new deal with Twitch yet, the deal tells us two things: his net worth is most likely more than the estimated $20 million, and he is going to be fully back on Twitch in no time.

You should now have an idea of how Twitch streamers make their money, how much they make, and how much you could make if you commit to it. 

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