Morgan Freeman's Humongous Net Worth, Biography, Career, and more with his Best Quotes

Morgan Freeman is not just a soothing voice, but he's also a producer and an actor hailing from the land of Memphis. He discovered his passion for acting when he played the lead role for a school play at the age of nine in Broad Street High School.

Morgan Freeman's Biography, Career

Freeman was born on the 1st of June, 1937, in Memphis, Tennessee. Son of Morgan Porterfield Freeman and Mayme Edna, it's been said that he came of African descent. He has three older siblings and attended the United States Air Force after he attended Broad Street.

His career in the business started way back with an American soap opera titled Another World. Film-wise, he started playing supporting roles in various feature films in the 80s--portraying him as this father figure.

By then, his career was skyrocketing--putting him in a position to star in bigger roles in films. At that time, what stood out the most was his performance for The Shawshank Redemption that bagged him the Critics Award. In 2020, that performance still stands up as one of his bests.

After a career-defining performance, he was called for multiple more movies like Robin Hood and Million Dollar Baby. Not only that, but people have also discovered the richness of his voice--eventually narrating for movies like March of the Penguins and War of the Worlds. Social media was all over Freeman and his literally godly voice and Bruce Almighty thought it would be apt to make him appear as God in the film.

Undoubtedly, his career is legendary--but what sets him apart from others in the business is his voice for the public. No, we're not talking about how equally legendary his voice is, but how he uses it for activism. In 2005, he said: "I don't want a black history month. Black history is American history."

Imagine, one of the most popular actors not just in Hollywood but the world speaking about what everybody needed to hear. Throughout his career, he's worked alongside the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Clint Eastwood.

Morgan Freeman's Humongous Net Worth

Morgan Freeman's Humongous Net Worth
Morgan Freeman's Humongous Net Worth
NameMorgan Freeman
Net Worth$250 million
Date of BirthJune 1, 1937
OriginMemphis, Tennessee, United States
Income SourceProfessional Actor

It would be a sin not to know the name of Morgan Freeman. The man can have a whole room of his roles and narrations and it would still barely fit inside. One of the few actors who can both act and narrate in a film without any of the audiences complaining. In fact, just having Freeman's voice would score a film at least six out of five stars. Kidding aside, Freeman has been a legend in the business--his experience, talent, and humility will be envied by anyone.

Here are 5 of Morgan Freeman's best quotes!

Top 5 Morgan Freeman Quotes

Top 5 Morgan Freeman Quotes
Top 5 Morgan Freeman Quotes
  1. "I always tell my kids if you lay down, people will step over you. But if you keep scrambling, if you keep going, someone will always, always give you a hand. Always. But you gotta keep dancing, you gotta keep your feet moving." - Morgan Freeman
  2. "I knew at an early age I wanted to act. Acting was always easy for me. I don't believe in predestination, but I do believe that once you get where ever it is you are going, that is where you were going to be." - Morgan Freeman
  3. "Was I always going to be here? No I was not. I was going to be homeless at one time, a taxi driver, truck driver, or any kind of job that would get me a crust of bread. You never know what's going to happen." - Morgan Freeman
  4. "Dr. Martin Luther King is not a black hero. He is an American hero." - Morgan Freeman
  5. "I do know there are a lot of people who seem to be in my corner, and that's, of course, wonderful. I'm really more interested in the nomination than in the award, because I think the nomination just puts you within a group of outstanding actors." - Morgan Freeman

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