7 Web Page Speed Tools to Optimize Your Website for a Better User Experience

The speed of your website is going to be critical to the overall success of your site. Customers do not want to have to wait for pages and graphics to load today. There is so much competition out there today for every customer that when someone comes upon a site that is slow to load and operate they quickly become frustrated and will move on to another site offering similar products and services, likely never to return to your site again due to bad user experience. Quality speed is going to help you create greater web traffic, have stronger conversion rates and customer retention and provide users with a greater experience. All of this will help enhance the overall SEO of your site, giving you better rankings with search engines and boosting your visibility even more. To find out what the speed of your site is like, you should make use of one of these top seven free website speed test tools, listed in no particular order:

Google Webpage Speed Insights
Google webpage Speed Insights provides you with easy to read and understand information about your site so you can see where your optimization excels and where it needs help. You get a simple grade on a scale of 1 to 100 with the higher the number the better your score. The tools provide you with recommendations on where you can improve and what you can do to help your site.


gtmetrixGTMetrix GTMetrix offers you all the details you want regarding site speed and the loading ability of your pages. Your site gets graded on a scale of A to F and there are great breakdowns of details that allow you to check how locations load in different browsers, with different connection types and many more details so you can see just where you may need some help.



webpagetestWebPageTest.orgYou can get great capability with WebPageTest. It allows you to test over 40 locations and with over 25 different browsers, including mobile browsers, an aspect that is very important to you today in this mobile search world. There are some advanced features you will like and you can get complete breakdowns and graphs so you can see all of the details clearly.



pingdomPingdom One of the best-known among the speed test tools, Pingdom gives detailed analysis in several areas of your site so you can get information that other tools may not provide you, such as size per domain, what content has the most requests and much more.



dareboostDareBoost DareBoost is one of the newer tools you will find and it provides you with over one hundred different points of analysis when looking at the speed of your site. You can then export your report to a PDF file and the report provides you with analysis and recommendations of speed, SEO, accessibility and more.



sucuriSucuri Load Time Tester An easy and quick testing tool, Sucuri lets you test your locations from around the world in a flash. You get your performance grade and load time and the time for the all-important first byte so you can see how long it takes content to get from your site to the browser.



pagelocityPagelocity Pagelocity grades your site on a combination of speed, SEO, code, resources and more so you can see what is working well for your site and what needs help. You can also track your competitors with the tool so you can see where you need to improve and against whom.



Making use of a website speed tool is very important for you and your website. You want to be able to gauge your overall performance so you can see where you may need to make improvements and changes to make the site experience better for users and potential customers. Regular testing can help you to stay ahead of the competition. Find the tool has the features and reporting to help you the most so you can see what areas to fix so your site can continue to grow.

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