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It is a general believe that oxygen, water, and food are the three basic things humans need to survive. But in this era, a human does not live in caves and does not depend solely on what he can grow; money is essential to living. Currently, there are about US$36.8 trillion in circulation around the world. The money can never be in equal distribution; some people have more than they need, and some people do not have enough. It is even interesting that out of 7 billion population, less than 1000 people own fifty percent of the money that is in circulation. If the money were to be distributed evenly, everyone would be a multi-billionaire. But then everyone will be boss; no one would love to work since we all have the money.

Asking Millionaires/Billionaires for Money 2021

Asking Millionaires/Billionaires for Money 2021
Asking Millionaires/Billionaires for Money 2021

Earning your money is great; it will make you feel good while spending it. But there are times you have no other option than to seek financial assistance, and the best set of people to seek help from are the billionaires. In contrary to what a lot of people think, you can get financial assistance from billionaires, but there is a technique to it.

Meeting up with a billionaire is almost impossible unless you are a billionaire too, or you are a family, or you are a close staff. Billionaires do not ignore emails or have someone taken care of the emials, so the best way to reach them and seek help is via email. Before you get on your keyboard and compose that email, there are some things you should consider:

Do you need the money from millionaires?

There is a distinction between ‘need’ and ‘want’; a need is something that is required for your survival, while a want is something you desire. So the real question now is, do you need the money? Or do you want it? If you have a stable source of income and decided to seek financial assistance from billionaires, you may be charged to court for extortion if you get caught. Billionaires only help those that are in genuine need of money. So it is better not to embarrass yourself. Instead, you can ask billionaires for advice or job that will pay better than what you currently earn.

What kind of people will get help with money from billionaires?

What kind of people will get help with money from billionaires?
What kind of people will get help with money from billionaires?

If billionaires should start helping everyone that seeks help from them, they won’t have any money left. Though we are not very sure, but here is the list of people that may likely get financial assistance from billionaires.

  • People that have a critical health condition and can’t get help from anywhere else.
  • People that live on the street and would love to live a better life if money is available.
  • People who are physically challenged/disabled.
  • People who have great business ideas but don’t have the money to execute the ideas.
  • People who have genuine prospects but don’t have money further their education.

There are other sets of people too. And if you are lucky enough, you might get help without being among the stated categories of people.

Which billionaire to contact for financial assistance?

There are lots of millionaires/billionaires out there, and you shouldcontact as much as you can, the bigger your billionaire mailing list, the bigger your chance of getting the help you seek. All the billionaires listed here have changed a lot of people’s lives by helping them with money.

  1. Opera Winfrey, the host of for talk show.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook.
  3. Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft.
  4. Warren Buffet, owner of Berkshare Hathaway
  5. Larry Ellison, co-founder, and chairman of Oracle.
  6. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.
  7. George Soros, investment manager.
  8. And a host of others.

The list goes on, including the billionaires in your vicinity. Now you must have been wondering how to obtain an email from these people. Some of these billionaires have personal emails which you can use for direct contact. But often, these emails are not made public, so the best way to reach them is via emails for their charity organization. You will find the majority of their charity organization on search engines like Google. You can also get the official mailing list of famous billionaires on this website;, but it is not free.

The Right way to ask Rich People for Money 2021

The Right way to ask  Rich People for Money 2021
The Right way to ask Rich People for Money 2021

We have discussed earlier that the best way to reach rich people for financial assistance is through email. However, there are ways to present yourself in the email that will guarantee to get the help you seek. Here are few guidelines to follow while composing your emails;

Have a good intentions

the fact that these millionaires have a lot of money does not make them stupid, they work hard to earn their money, and they wouldn’t be giving it out to just anybody that asked. Nevertheless, they are humans too, and they would help people whoare really in need of money. So you have to let them know you have good intentions for the money they are about to help you with. For example, stating that you need help for academic sponsorship is better than saying that you need help buying a Bugatti.

Don’t overdo it

do not think because you see billionaires are helping people, you can seek one out and ask for financial assistance up to millions of dollars, you won’t get it. We can’t specifically say the maximum amount of money you can seek, but you shouldknow when you are asking too much.

Be honest

if a billionaire should help you out and he/she later discovered that you lied, either of these two things may happen;

· You may face jail time at the court of law for fraudulent activities/extortion.

· Or because of you the billionaire may develop trust issue and wouldn’t want to help anyone coming for help after you. And that is on you; you do not deserve to live among humans.

In some cases, both can happen. So please, be honest in all your dealings, there is a reward for it.

Be polite

You being polite is very important. It is their money; they are not obliged to giving it out. You shouldn’t send the rich people email demanding they should help you with money; they will not even reply to your email. Your politeness will move them to help you, and you should make sure tothank them in advance also if you are not sure they will help you. One other thing; if your intention has some tremendous benefit to other people, let it be known in the email.

Write efficiently

The first thing you have to know is that this type ofemail should be formal, don’t write like you are writing to your family or friend. The content should be concise and direct to the point. Another point to consider while writing is to use proper English; avoid grammatical errors as much as possible, and do not use slang or other unofficial languages.

It is advisable to write the email in the English language, the billionaire you are directing the email to will determine which types of English to use. E.g., Britain or American.

Use responsible email address

You can’t expect to use the email address that sound rascal to ask for financial assistance and hope to be helped. Imaging someone using ‘’ to seek financial assistance from someone and expect even to be considered. The email receiver would have assessed you and decide you don’t worth it. Know that there are lots of people seeking help from the same person, so do not disqualify yourself from the start.

Write from a first-person perspective

Write from afirst-person perspective
Write from afirst-person perspective

Don’t make the reader believe that other people influence you into seeking help. For example, you should altogether avoid sentences like “William said you have been helping people with money,” or “a friend of mine got help from you, so I think…..” Furthermore, be decisive. For example, avoid sentences like “I think my business will grow if I can get the help of $2,000”, be more like “my business has the potential to grow; I only need $2,000 to implement the growth.”

Use appropriate email subject

You should be reminded again that there are thousands of people sending this kind of email to a billionaire on a daily bases. So if you want your email to receive attention quickly, make sure touse an appropriate email subject. Appropriate in the sense that the subject must be simple, yet self-explanatory.

Reread the message

As said earlier, you don’t want to send anemail with grammatical errors or any other type oferror. It is ideal to reread the entire content.

Send in daylight time

Lastly, make sure toforward your email in daylight time, preferably in the morning. The reason for this is that if you send theemail later in the day or midnight, the reader might have done checking his/her email for the day.

What to include in the email content

We discussed politeness earlier in the article, yes you should be polite, but politeness is not the same thing as begging. Never in any wayuse begging terms. Furthermore, do not appear too desperate. An example of desperation is including your account number in the email. What you can include in the email is your hotline, so that the billionaire can easily reach you if he/she later decides to help you. And in the case of seeking monetary assistance for health issues, you can include authentic medical records to prove that you need the help. Same things applied to education or business, but let the attachments be concise too.

Structure of the email

· Salutation comes first.

· In the first paragraph, the letter should start with a light appreciation for opening your email in the first place. This should take a maximum of three sentences.

· Then you should introduce yourself and the reason for sending the email.

· The second paragraph should explain your intention for the money in full details. If the paragraph is getting too much bigger, you can break it into two paragraphs.

· If available, put the positive outcome of using the money for the intended usage.

· Once again, appreciation for helping you in advance. And hope that you will get a response soon

A sample email to Jeff Bezos for Money in 2021

Dear Mr. Bezos,

I appreciate the time you take to read the content of this email. My name is John Doe; a student at Stanford University, California. My father passed away when I was three, and a single mother raised me. Ever since I was young, I wanted to become a doctor to save lives. And my mother has been doing a lot to see my dream come true, but unfortunately, she lost her job three months ago.

I am seeking a fully-funded scholarship from you to complete my academic programs here at Stanford University; I’m in level 4 and have 3 more levels to go. I have tried my very best to raise some amount, and it is not enough, I have three weeks left to complete my sessional registration and failure to do this will result in me dropping out of school. You can review my academic report for last semester, which is attached to this email.

The required amount needed for my registration is US$3,000, and I have managed to raise $600 myself. I love to see my dream come true, and you would have to be one of thepeople that makes my dream come true if you help me. I’ll be anticipating your reply; you can reach me on my email or via mobile; +10 20212786. Thanks, God bless.

Conclusion on Asking Rich People for Money in 2021

Help can come from anywhere, including the rich that regards you as a stranger. All you need is the right way to ask, and that is what this article has taught you. Goodluck!

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